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How can we help?

How can we help?

At Twin Ireland, we are experts in helping people back into work or education.  

Our wide range of skills and employability programmes delivered globally are tailored to the needs of local labour markets and demographic profiles of the areas we serve, so that people can access the exact guidance they need to return to or enter employment, training or education whether they live in a remote Gaeltacht village or in the heart of Dublin. Our dedicated team help people work towards securing realistic and achievable jobs in growing sectors such as digital, construction and low carbon with good pay, progression opportunities and a positive career trajectory. 

Our Services

Youth employment 

Starting your career can be a difficult time. We help young people to enter the job market by gaining work experience, identifying and developing the soft and sector-specific skills employers need, and securing their first role. Our group workshops and one-to-one mentoring guide young people through the recruitment process, embedding key job search, application and interview skills. Twin experts continue supporting young people during the first six months of their new job to make sure they feel comfortable and confident and set them up for promotions, pay rises and increases in responsibility. 

Work experience

Work experience plays a dynamic role in helping people decide what career is right for them and build the skills and knowledge to secure their first paid role. Through our partnerships across the Irish industry, we can secure work experiences placements in fields as diverse as construction, digital, low carbon, hospitality and the charity sector, specifically tailored to each individual’s career goals.  


We help the unemployed and those in work become fully equipped for their respective roles. Our range of accredited training in sectors includes digital, low carbon, construction, land-based and hospitality, helping people gain the skills they need for the role to which they aspire whether that’s the first job, a promotion, or a pivot into a different career or industry.  

We also teach people how to highlight their skills, complete job applications and prepare for different types of job interviews in their chosen field.   


Our specialist employment team deliver specific programmes for the unemployed and recently redundant, packed with tailored advice, guidance and support to help people get back on their feet.  

We also provide training designed to help current employees improve their skills, both supporting individuals to progress in the workplace and businesses to improve productivity through staff training 


English language skills are critical to finding paid work and acclimatising to a new community. We deliver pre-entry and Entry ESOL to communities that need it most, helping migrants and refugees access the job market as well as key support, education and training services 

We also train our own practitioners to gain accredited ESOL teaching qualifications in English for Literacy and Language Teaching. 

Students in Ireland 

We currently support more than 3,000 foreign exchange students a year across Ireland to gain work experience, learn new skills and access the best of Irish culture.  

From ground handling, transport and accommodation to trips and tours, we help students acclimatise, build confidence and start their employment journey from the best point possible. Our dedicated team also provide critical guidance and assistance in accessing the required support, including welfare and visa compliance.