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Vocational Training

Vocational Training

While certain skills are applicable across the job market, some industries also require specific skills and knowledge to gain employment and progress.  

Twin are experts in helping people from all backgrounds and skills levels to access the training they need for their chosen field. Our programmes include: 

Online learning 

Our online programmes offer the chance for people to gain recognised qualifications from home. A wide range of recognised progression and professional development programmes help people acquire certified workplace skills and progress in their careers, with the convenience of learning in their own home at their own pace.  

Visit Twin Online Vocational Courses for more information. 


Internships are a great way to gain key skills and knowledge in a desired sector. Through our comprehensive links across a wide range of organisations in the UK, Ireland and around the world, we match people with internships in their chosen field, helping them learn on the job and gain invaluable experience for the future. 

Visit Twin Internships for more information. 

Erasmus+ programme 

Twin Ireland has successfully delivered Erasmus+ in Ireland for three years. Covering vocational training, travel, accommodation and more, our experts in youth education and employment are perfectly placed to deliver the best programmes for EU students. 

Digital Bootcamps 

Digital skills have never been so critical, whether it’s the basic skills needed to work from home and navigate social media as a professional, or the higher-level technical skills to enter a career in coding, cybersecurity, data and cloud services.  

Our digital bootcamps bridge the digital divide and train people in these vital skills, equipping them with new ways of working, helping them launch an exciting digital career and flourish in an increasingly digital workplace.