IT Skills

Learn computer skills and gain a qualification that will help you find a job or an apprenticeship

IT Training with an ECDL qualificaton


Basic digital skills are an essential requirement for almost 90% of all new jobs created. For those seeking employment, these skills are vital and can be a key factor in ensuring that they secure a role.

Computer courses help improve your IT skills, putting you in better stead when applying for work. Having an accredited ECDL qualification could also be key in setting you apart from other candidates. 

Twin has over two decades of experience in creating and finding work and development opportunities. When your IT programme is completed, one of our dedicated team will aim to help you find you a suitable role based on your experience and skills. 

We have over 20 years’ experience when it comes to creating and finding opportunities for work and development. By the end of the programme, our dedicated team aim to have helped you find a suitable position based on your skills and experience.

What does the programme offer?

Along with a detailed induction, which makes sure that you know what to expect when you start your computer training, you will also be assigned a personal adviser who will be able to guide you throughout your time on the course and after completion.

The digital world is evolving quickly and constantly, however computer basics have remained the same. Understanding how to use a computer opens up so many possibilities, both professionally and personally.

You will gain an ECDL Level 1 in IT User Skills, where modules include:

  • Computer Essentials
  • IT Security
  • Online Essentials

If you require extra support, you will be able to access help and advice, helping you progress into work or, based upon your skills and experience, an apprenticeship that your key worker will find for you.

You will have access to online training and stay in touch with your adviser, allowing you to gain an Level 2 ECDL qualification in Microsoft Office Essentials. When you begin your job or apprenticeship, you will remain in touch with your adviser and have access to online training in order to gain an ECDL Level 2 qualification in Microsoft Office Essentials.

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