FAQs for NCS Job Applications

Some of our most frequently asked questions

Why work for Twin NCS?

  • Experience. Working for Twin NCS is a rewarding and varied experience – no two days are the same.
  • Shared goal. Everyone has the same goal: to have a productive and enjoyable summer! Productive and enjoyable for the young people (YP), all Twin staff, community partners and other stakeholders. Twin is constantly looking for ways to improve the experience for everyone, not just the YP!
  • Comprehensive staff inductions. We are constantly improving our inductions ensuring staff are provided with all the necessary information to perform to their very best.
  • First-Aid training for Wave and Team Leaders. YP and staff’s safety is prominent, therefore first-aid training has been included into management induction.
  • The chance to try out new roles. NCS provide staff with the opportunity to try out new things, for example, to take on a managerial role for the first time. Experienced team leaders that spend their year doing a different job can test out if they would like to move into management by taking on a management role during the summer. Twin likes to encourage and help new managers to develop.
  • Future Opportunities. Twin NCS are part of Twin Group, a large and varied company, which can offer many different career opportunities, career development and progression. Several of the Twin middle and senior managers have worked their way through the ranks or been recruited once they decided to relocate back in the UK from living abroad.

Who can work for Twin NCS? FAQs

What is the profile of a Twin NCS employee?

Twin values diversity and we aim to have a wide cross-section of people with different skillsets. Even though the roles vary, there are some attributes which are necessary to succeed in all areas. You need to be a positive, enthusiastic person, with the ability to motivate and encourage young people. You need to be proactive and willing to go the extra mile to make the programme a success. You need to be adaptable and able to use your initiative in diverse and challenging situations. Being a team player is key and integral to the running of the programme. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we should all share the same goal of ensuring the young people have the best experience possible.

For further information on requirements for each role, please see the job descriptions.

I am not an EU citizen, can I still work for Twin NCS

If you are not an EU citizen, you must provide proof that you are eligible to work in the UK at the application stage.

If I am not a native speaker of English, can I apply?

Twin will consider all applications from potential staff who are proficient in English.


Application FAQs

Do I need to complete the Expression of Interest on NCS website?

Yes, this is a mandatory step.

Do I need to complete the information asked for in the Twin application email?

Yes, we shortlist on the basis of your returned application email and attached CV.

I am not available for the whole duration of a wave, should I still apply?

If you are unable to work on a wave, it is unlikely we will be able to offer you a position. However, please contact us to check this before applying as we may have other opportunities available.

How long are the contracts offered by Twin NCS?

Twin offers fixed-term contracts and our preference is to offer longer employment to keep staff consistency wherever possible. However, this will be dependent on performance and young people numbers.

Do I need to provide references?

Yes. References are checked to verify your previous experience; please ensure the contact information for your referees is accurate. If you previously worked on the NCS programme delivery, you’ll be required to provide us with the contact details of the NCS provider you worked for.

What is the induction process?

Please refer to the “Information for applicants” for more details. The travel costs will not be covered but you will get paid £130 for full training. Please be aware though that the payment will be made at the end of your contract only if you are fully compliant to commence employment and have worked the agreed dates. We also require you to complete five NCS online modules on Safeguarding, Critical Incident Response, Mental Health Awareness, Introduction of NCS, Introduction to Programme Safety before virtual/ face to face induction.

Wave Leaders will be asked to attend 3-day first aid training and online Safeguarding level 3 whereas Team Leaders will be requested to attend one day first aid training unless staff already hold suitable certificates. You will not receive an extra payment but the training costs will be covered by Twin.

What is a DBS check?

A DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check helps employers make safer recruitment decisions and to prevent unsuitable candidates from working with children. It replaces the previously used CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check. All staff must have a clear DBS check before starting work. You must apply for a new DBS check in order to work at Twin. We will cover the cost of your DBS check, but this will be deducted from your salary if you do not complete your contract.  


Working on the NCS programme FAQs

How many hours a week will I work?

Working hours vary per role, but days are long. Please refer to the “Information for applicants” for more details. 

How many days off do I get per week?

Typical working shift is Mon-Fri and weekends are off.

Do staff ever have the chance to move centres?

Due to changing young people numbers and needs, staff may be required to work in another borough. We aim to keep staff in their chosen area, however, this is dependent upon YP numbers.

Is there a uniform?

All staff will be provided with the NCS T-shirts and hoodies, which they are expected to wear when on duty. These will have to be returned upon the contract completion.

 What will my duties include?

This will vary by role and part of the programme, but most staff members will have to take part in activities, and supervision. Please see the “Information for candidates” for further details.


Staying in a residential centre FAQs

What is included in the residential phases of the programme?

3-week summer 2021 programme includes one week in a residential centre. Staff are required to stay on-site from Mon-Fri with accommodation and three meals a day* will be provided.

*If young people are off-site, packed lunches will be provided for staff.

What accommodation will staff be allocated to?

Accommodation is location dependent. For more information refer to ‘Information for candidates’. You may be asked to share a bathroom with your colleagues of the same sex. You are likely to share a corridor, tent or a flat with YP and will be expected to assist in the event of an emergency.

Can I drink alcohol and smoke?

Do not smoke in front of students at any point. This will be dealt with severely. Staff are reminded that they are expected to act responsibly at all times, on and off duty, especially when in the vicinity of young people so drinking alcohol is not permitted while working on the NCS programme.

Is parking available at phase locations?

Limited parking is available at some locations, therefore we must know in advance if you intend to travel by car as a parking space is not guaranteed


Payment FAQs

How/when will I be paid?

NCS Staff are paid monthly on the last working day of the month, generally 2 weeks in arrears. Their wages will be transferred directly into their British bank account and they will receive their payslip by email provided to us on the New Starter form.

Payment made in

(a) July 2021

covers the work undertaken between

(a) 14th June – 17th July

(b) August 2021

(b) 18th July – 13th August

(c) September 2021

(c) 14th August – 10th September

I do not have a British bank account, can I be paid another way?

Employee salaries can be paid into an international bank account, however, the staff member will be responsible for paying any transfer fees, which will be deducted from their salary.

Do Twin NCS pay holiday pay?

Twin pays statutory holiday pay; this is paid on a monthly basis.


Getting to the location FAQs

Do Twin pay travel expenses?

Twin do not pay travel expenses for staff; this includes travel for the inductions.

If you are moved from one location to another during your contract, we will reimburse that expense on production of a valid receipt.

Any travelling expenses incurred in undertaking NCS duties in your own motor vehicle (including parking costs) will be reimbursed by Twin according to the number of miles travelled. This is subject to pre-authorisation by the HQ staff member and the provision of receipts.

Please note that for residential centres, staff will be based on-site and no commuting to the centre will be required.


Post Season FAQs

Will I be able to use Twin as a reference after working for NCS?

Twin HQ will be able to provide a reference confirming the dates that you worked for Twin, your position and areas of responsibility.

Are returning staff rewarded with any benefits?

We value returning staff and usually give them priority when it comes to assigning staff to lots. We like to promote from within Twin whenever possible and our managerial staff are often staff members who started off working with Twin in a role with less responsibility and worked their way up.



Are the positions you are recruiting for required to work on grounds or can I work from home?
All NCS seasonal roles such as Wave Leader, Team Leader, Assistant Team Leader and Support Worker, we are seeking to fill are required to work on the hired venue grounds with young people face to face. Unfortunately, work from home option is not available.

Will Twin provide me with a face covering or additional PPE while on the programme?

Twin encourages staff to have a reusable face coverings as Twin will not be providing them to employees as a standard procedure. You will be expected to have one if you use public transport to get to the workplace.

In a scenario where a symptomatic young person is being supervised by a staff member, in which case a fluid-resistant surgical mask, disposable gloves and apron should be worn if two-metre social distancing cannot be maintained, these will be provided by Twin.

What steps are being taken to reduce risk on the NCS programme?

Twin will conduct a full COVID-secure and suitable Health and Safety measures will be in place to protect staff. This includes risk assessing the provision with completing an individual risk assessment for any employee with underlying health conditions, cleaning and disinfecting equipment and surfaces more frequently, using electronic paperwork where possible, and providing clear guidance on social distancing and hygiene measures. Twin will also incorporate a Bubble Approach, one-way flow routes (where possible) will be implemented, and break and arrival/ departure times will be staggered.

Twin will also ensure there are disposal gloves for paperwork collection, antibacterial hand sanitizers and cleaning stations in each venue.

What should I do if I am at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19?

Before any employee attends the workplace, Twin will enquire regarding your health status to complete a full COVID-Secure assessment and within this will ask if you are classed within the two vulnerable groups. At this stage in COVID, extremely clinically vulnerable people are still shielding and therefore, it would be against government advice to ask/allow you to go into the workplace.

What do I do if I don’t feel well on the day of my interview?
If you are unwell on the day of your interview, please email us on ncsrecruitment@twinuk.com to reschedule.

What do I do if I start feeling ill while on the programme with COVID-19 (coronavirus) symptoms or have confirmed COVID-19?

In the event of showing symptoms you are required to inform your line manager immediately, arrange to have a test and stay at home. Whatever the test results are, please follow the current government guidance.

What should I do if I may have been exposed to COVID-19 while on the programme?

In the event of being exposed to COVID on the programme or live in the same household as someone with COVID-19, you are required to inform your line manager immediately, stay at home and follow the government guidance.

Am I eligible for sick pay when I need to self-isolate?

Currently, seasonal staff are eligible to sick pay when self-isolating, but Twin will adhere to the latest government guidance at that time.



Who should I contact if I have a question that is not answered here?

If your question is not answered above you should send an email to ncsrecruitment@twinuk.com