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Success Stories

We do our best to help our customers, and we're always very happy to hear how well they do. You can read about success stories and case studies here.

Success Stories

Read case studies and success stories to learn about how we help our customers. 

04 Feb 2019

ICT Programme case study

Our ICT and ECDL (European Computer Driving License) course helps people improve their skills. We helped this customer who came to us with barely any computer literacy. 

01 Feb 2019

Inspiring Families: Case Studies

Read three testimonials from customers on our Inspiring Families programme.

01 Feb 2019

Twin Employment and Training Testimonials

In this post, you'll find testimonials from our customers. Learn what the people we work with have to say about us. 

01 Feb 2019

Case Study: S, Pre-Entry ESOL

S came to us wanting to improve their English ability so they could work in the Beauty industry. Here's how we helped them.

28 Jan 2019

AC's Pre-Entry ESOL Case Study

AC made great progress with their English and moved towards their goal of studying and working in the UK.

18 Jan 2019

Even more success with our ESOL programme - A case study

 We helped this customer go from hardly speaking English to having the confidence to speak regularly.  

17 Jan 2019

Retail, Hospitality and Tourism case studies

Our Retail, Hospitality and Tourism programme gets people ready for work. Read this post to see what it's like for our customers to take part in this programme. 

19 Dec 2018

Principles of Customer Service - Case Study

This individual came to us needing some extra skills and a boost to her CV. Our Principles of Customer Service programme was just right for her. 

12 Dec 2018

NEETS case studies

We have a programme to help young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEETs). These two case studies show you how we help them. 

04 Nov 2020

My Erasmus+ Experience in Portugal

''I was lucky enough to then be offered a job at the end of my internship, and I am now working for them full time whilst living in Lisbon for the foreseeable future! Very happy.''