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We have a range of services and support options for young people. Find out how we can help you!

Supporting young people and getting them back into work or education

Have you reached a stumbling block in your progression? Don’t know if you want to find a job or get back into education? Twin are here to help you! We can offer advice and guidance on everything from which jobs to apply for, which college course you should take and what work experience or apprenticeships are available to you.

Advice and guidance for 16-24s

Advice and guidance

We know that trying to decide on your next steps in life can be daunting. If you’re struggling with your career or education choices, our team are here to help! We can assist you with anything from which college course to take to broadening your skills for work to preparing for a job interview.

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Thinking of going back to school

Get back into education

You may be thinking of getting back into education but need some help with choosing the right course, knowing what skills will help you reach your career goals or what qualifications you need to get there. If this sounds familiar, you can rely on our team to help you get onto the course you need.

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Traineeships for 16-24s


If you’re struggling to find a job or can’t get onto an apprenticeship programme that you really want, a traineeship might be your best option. You can start to boost your employability skills, gain work experience and start to improve your CV by adding specific industry knowledge and relevant experience.

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Internships for 16-24


For certain roles, taking an internship before getting into full time work is highly beneficial as you will get the chance to learn new skills and develop your knowledge on your sector of choice. A quality internship could be just the boost your CV needs to help you get a new job and stand out against other applicants.

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If you want to earn while you learn, an apprenticeship is definitely something that you should consider. There are many options available to you so you can choose the course that best relates to your career goals. Not only will you gain a recognised qualification, you will also learn valuable work skills.

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Getting into work

Full or part time work

If you want to get straight into paid work, we can help prepare you and support you in getting the job you want. Whether you need help with your application, want to create the perfect CV, would like tips on how to conduct yourself at an interview or require support with adjusting to your new role, we can help!

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