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Our blog is a space dedicated to offering you the latest news and tips about the world of employment and training. You can read updates on our and industry news, and learn about ways to improve your job-seeking skills and work-life.  

15 Nov 2023

Diary of an Intern: The First Week

 Ever wondered what a Turing Scheme internship is like? Look no further, as Arianna tells us about her first 7 days in Dublin! 

27 Jan 2023

The Benefits of Joining a Digital Bootcamp

Are you passionate about technology and eager to start a career in the tech industry? Joining a digital bootcamp is a great way to jumpstart your career and acquire the skills and experience you need to succeed.

26 Oct 2022

5 (Mostly) Free Museums and Galleries in Valencia

With so much to see in Valencia, you might feel overwhelmed with choice, and that’s why we’ve put together a list of 5 (mostly) free museums and galleries you should visit. These museums are great for visiting after work, or if you have a weekend in Valencia and want to soak up as much culture as you can. They’re all within walking distance of each other, so you could even make it into a day trip!

19 Oct 2022

A Turing Intern's First Impressions of Valencia

One of our Turing Interns shares her first thoughts about Valencia, where she'll be living and working for the next 3 months

13 Sep 2022

How to Level Up your CV

Putting together a CV to apply for a job can be intimidating, let us share some of our tips on maximising your chances with your CV.

28 Jul 2022

4 Benefits of the Turing Scheme

What are the benefits of the Turing Scheme? We explore 4 of the best things about the Turing Scheme, and why you should consider applying.

01 Dec 2021

The new UK Turing scheme has taken off!

 The Erasmus+ Internship programme may have ended, but luckily, Turing has taken its place. But, what are the differences, and can you still have the same experience your friends recommended? 

06 Jul 2021

Building better family relationships

The pandemic may have placed some family relationships under extra strain. Luckily for parents and carers across the South West, our Happy Families, Happy Futures programme is free to participants and aims to help parents and people with caring responsibilities improve communication in their families.



01 Jul 2021

What is Erasmus

The Erasmus programme has been around for decades, and it has grown into many different opportunities for both individuals and organisations. But here's a quick breakdown to help you make more sense of it.

27 Apr 2021

Unprecedented opportunities ahead

How we can kick start the economy and slow the spread of unemployment post-Brexit and post-COVID

17 Nov 2020

Interning abroad during a pandemic

Before I arrived in Dublin, I made a list of goals that I would hope to achieve in terms of progressing my career in digital marketing, to help keep me on track and ensure that I am getting the very best experience.

06 Jun 2019

Don’t feel left behind if you’re over 50 and looking to retrain

Being over 50 needn't stop anyone getting work or education. find out about your options here. 

06 Feb 2019

You said, we did...

Feedback helps us improve and maintain our high standards of service. Have a look at what we've done in response to customer feedback.  

04 Dec 2018

Worst jobs in the UK 2018: what defines a bad job?

What are the contributing factors that make a job and career bad? Poor salary pay, stressful working conditions and a good work-life balance are just some of the reasons you might be feeling unmotivated and uninspired at work. 

05 Nov 2018

How to optimise your CV for Applicant Tracking Systems

Applying for a job has never been easier but securing an interview can be challenging, which is why you need to discover how you can optimise your CV for Applicant Tracking Systems.

27 Nov 2018

How to save money: 15 simple steps that'll make you richer

If you find it difficult to make ends meet and have money struggles towards the end of the month, you aren't alone! But did you know that by implementing these simple 15 money-saving steps you could make your money stretch further? 

19 Nov 2018

How to spruce up your desk to inspire and motivate you

A dull, plain desk and office is bound to have you feeling uninspired, but if follow these simple steps you'll be back to your motivated and creative self in no time!

29 Oct 2018

What is RQF – the new QCF?

From NVQ, to QCF, to RQF - the classification of qualifications has come a long way, but do you understand what the latest qualification framework is and how it works? Discover what the Regulated Qualifications Framework is and how it affects your learning. 

10 Oct 2018

Pros and cons of working with your mental illness

Mental health conditions affect many people in a variety of ways. Check out this article if your mental health is effecting your work life and discover what you can do to help your symptoms. 

24 Sep 2018

Are you unsatisfied in your current job role?

Are you satisfied in your current job role? Or are you feeling less productive and motivated than when you first started? It might be time to start looking for a new job!

23 Aug 2018

How can school leavers gain employability skills for a job?

If you have just finished your GCSEs and don't want to go to sixth form or college, there are other vocational paths you can choose. Find out how you can gain employability skills and Edexcel qualifications for your dream career with our Study Programme.

09 Aug 2018

5 reasons why you should study a BTEC (instead of A-levels)

There are many different routes to university, you aren't restricted to the traditional A-levels, you can study BTECs and still be able to go to university - even the Russell Group universities. So find out whether BTECs are the right choice for you with our blog. 

27 Aug 2018

What different employment contract types are there in the UK?

Understand what your employment contract means and what your employee rights are, with our simple guide to the different types of employment contracts in the UK.

13 Aug 2018

What does a work-life balance mean?

Health professionals keep talking about a work-life balance, but what does it mean? And how do you obtain a healthy work-life balance?

29 Aug 2018

5 skills needed for a career in business

To be able to succeed in a career in business you must have a vast array of skills and personality traits. Make sure you include these 5 essential skills in your CV.

15 Aug 2018

10 incredible companies you’ll want to work at because of their perks

Most company perks and benefits include childcare vouchers, reward schemes and pension plans, however these companies really provide something a little extra and special for their employees. Anyone want to get a new job, maybe at Google? 

08 Aug 2018

Is this the end: what's killing retail?

Discover why retailers have been struggling recently and what it means for the future of retail. 

23 Jul 2018

4 ways to utilise the hobbies section in your CV

Use your personality and hobbies in an effective way to help sway your prospective employer and get hired for your dream job today!

25 Jul 2018

How to apply for a job if you don’t have the experience

Applying for a job even when you do have the right experience and skills can be difficult, applying for one when you lack the experience or skills can be even harder. Luckily we have some fantastic tips for you, so you can apply for your dream job!

25 Jun 2018

What layout should your CV have?

Half the battle of finding employment is the content in your CV, the other half is ensuring your CV has a layout that potential employers want to read. Does your CV have the right layout?

11 Jun 2018

3 things that won’t happen in your interview

If interviews get you all nervous and panicky, we have the perfect blog to help ease your job interview nerves.

20 Jun 2018

How to fill out an online application form

Follow these online application form tips to help you fill in those tricky job applications that require more than your CV!

13 Jun 2018

Top 4 salary review websites

Ensure you are getting the right salary with these useful salary review websites.

06 Jun 2018

Twin Success Story: Robin Pratt

Our success stories focus on individuals that we help into employment and the process that we take, whether that is; providing training, giving 1-2-1 support or enrolling our customers onto courses that are really beneficial for their personal and professional growth. Find out how we have helped people just like you!

28 May 2018

Top 4 employer review sites (that you must check before you accept the job)

Before you apply for a job, make sure it is the right choice for you, by checking out these employer review websites. Or if you are umming and arring over whether to accept a job offer, make sure you read about the company's values from previous and current employees.

28 May 2018

6 skills you need for a career in law

To be able to succeed in a law career you must have a vast array of skills and personality traits. Make sure you include these 6 essential skills in your CV.

21 May 2018

Improve your computer skills with our IT training programme

Did you know that over 50% of jobs today require IT/technology skills? Why not develop your IT skills with our training programme and enhance your chances of finding employment?

23 May 2018

6 skills you need for a career in accounting

Are you wanting a career in accounting? Then you must ensure you have these essential skills and qualities and don't forget to include them in your CV.

14 May 2018

How can our Inspiring Families Programme help you?

Really make a difference in your family by joining our Inspiring Families programme. We can offer you training and guidance for seeking employment, support and advice for your job hunt and any additional problems that you might have, such as financial issues. 

01 May 2018

What is and why do we celebrate International Workers’ Day?

Discover the history of International Workers' Day and find out just how lucky you are for working rights and unions!

30 Apr 2018

Do you know how to format your cover letter?

Is your cover letter the reason you can't secure a job? Your cover letter is just as important as your CV, so make sure you format it correctly, with our simple 8 step cover letter guide.

09 Apr 2018

Avoid these 3 common interview mistakes

Are you guilty of these 3 interview mistakes? Find out how to avoid them so that you can ace your interview.

23 Apr 2018

Twin's success story: Pablo

Our success stories focus on individuals that we help into employment and the process that we take, whether that is; providing training, giving 1-2-1 support or enrolling our customers onto courses that are really beneficial for their personal and professional growth. Find out how we have helped people just like you!

22 Mar 2018

Our Employees of the Month for January and February

Every month we select one of our team for the Employer of the Month Award. Find out who we selected and why, this January and February. 

12 Mar 2018

April and June will see us attend two major events

We're going to be at the Work in Progress Conference this April and the UK Employability Day in June.

19 Mar 2018

Sometimes we like to be the host!

On Friday 16th March we hosted the Peer to Peer meetup, an opportunity for industry professionals to network and share ideas. 

16 Mar 2018

We're helping two major companies fill more than 160 roles

At Twin Employment and Training we offer free training to our candidates and we've just begun a new initiative to bring candidates for guaranteed interviews with two major companies. 

12 Mar 2018

What skills are needed for a graduate role?

Are you seeking a graduate role and not sure what to include on your CV? Then make sure you check out our guide on the essential skills and qualities you must include!

14 Mar 2018

8 surprising statistics about interviews

Ace your interview by ensuring you don't make these crucial interview mistakes.

04 Apr 2018

Twin's success story: Rosa

Our success stories focus on individuals that we help into employment and the process that we take, whether that is; providing training, giving 1-2-1 support or enrolling our customers onto courses that are really beneficial for their personal and professional growth. Find out how we have helped people just like you!

19 Mar 2018

Twin's success story: Ehsan

Our success stories focus on individuals that we help into employment and the process that we take, whether that is; providing training, giving 1-2-1 support or enrolling our customers onto courses that are really beneficial for their personal and professional growth. Find out how we have helped people just like you!

01 Jan 0001

Twin's success story: Fatemeh

Our success stories focus on individuals that we help into employment and the process that we take, whether that is; providing training, giving 1-2-1 support or enrolling our customers onto courses that are really beneficial for their personal and professional growth. Find out how we have helped people just like you!

26 Feb 2018

Top 10 websites for job seekers

Do you need inspiration for your job search? Check out our top ten websites for job seekers. 

28 Feb 2018

Could you answer these 14 strange interview questions?

We've found some of the strangest interview questions that have ever been asked. Would you know how to answer these if you were put on the spot?

07 Feb 2018

How you can boost your productivity at work

Do you want to boost your productivity levels whilst you are at work? There's a very simple way you can do this; remember to take regular breaks.

19 Feb 2018

Avoid these crucial CV mistakes that employers hate

Make sure your CV doesn't have any of these crucial mistakes in it, because these could be preventing you from getting the job.

14 Feb 2018

What skills are needed for a customer service role?

If you want to work in retail or as a customer service advisor, make sure you have these essential skills and qualities and don't forget to include them on your CV

21 Feb 2018

8 surprising statistics about CV’s that you need to know

Did you know that recruiters will spend no more than 5-10 seconds looking at your CV? Find out more surprising statistics about CV's and how to avoid silly mistakes that will prevent you from getting the job.

31 Jan 2018

8 surprising statistics about searching for employment that you didn’t know

Read up on these interesting facts that might help you when you're searching for employment

24 Jan 2018

Write a job-winning follow up email

What is a follow up email? How long should it be and when should you send it? What should you include in your follow up email? Get the answers you need here! 

19 Jan 2018

5 essential things you must have in your cover letter

Avoid making any silly faux pas in your job application, and make sure you have all of these 5 important things in your cover letter!

12 Jan 2018

How to create a personalised plan

Discover how taking a 10 minute break to reflect on your life can change your world and positively impact your future

10 Jan 2018

Who are the best companies to work for in London?

If you are looking for a new job in 2018, find out who the best companies to work for in London are, across a range of sectors, including: hospitality, law, marketing, engineering and many more!

04 Jan 2018

How to stick to your New Year’s resolution

Find out how you can keep on top of your New Years' resolution plans and find your dream job!

03 Jan 2018

What you shouldn't write when applying for jobs

Find out what you should not be writing for job applications!

20 Dec 2017

How to stay motivated whilst looking for employment

Make sure you stay motivated whilst searching for a new job, with our useful top ten tips.

15 Dec 2017

How to create your online profile on LinkedIn

Make finding a job easier for yourself by creating a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is convenient because you can compile all your employment information in one easy to access place, search for employment opportunities in your industry and apply for the jobs that you want.

08 Dec 2017

How you should prepare yourself for work

Physically and mentally prepare yourself for the world of work with our useful tips that will make the transition into your new role easier.

13 Dec 2017

Calm your interview nerves in 10 simple steps

Follow our steps on how to relieve stress in order to calm your interview nerves, both before and during your interview.

06 Dec 2017

What are soft and hard skills?

Find out what the differences between soft and hard skills are and how you can use them when you are applying for jobs.

29 Nov 2017

Dos and don’ts for starting a new job

Follow our quick and easy guide of what you should and shouldn't do when starting your new job.

15 Nov 2017

Twin Employment Testimonials - Terri

Using Twin Employment, Terri found a position within our own company

01 Jan 0001

How to write a successful CV

Structured advice on how to create a CV that sells your skills

05 Apr 2017

New scheme introduced by the government to help unemployed families

Government claims that children from unemployed families struggle to perform towards expectations, it has introduced new support for families to tackle this.

20 Feb 2017

SERCO choose Twin to help deliver the Inspiring Families Programme

Twin are helping SERCO deliver the Inspiring Families Programme in Greenwich, offering free help with participants job searches and interviews.

28 Jul 2014

MP visit to Twin Employment & Training in Bromley

MP for Bromley & Chislehurst, Bob Neill, visits Twin Employment & Training’s centre in Bromley

04 Jul 2014

The Skills Employers Want

Employers look for a variety of qualities in potential employees, but which are the most important?

04 Feb 2014

The Importance of Cover Letters

We all know the importance of having a professional and up-to-date CV to give to your potential employers, but cover letters are just as important. Read on to find out why...

07 Jan 2014

Why Hire an Apprentice?

Are you an employer? Have you been considering hiring an apprentice? Read on to find out why an apprentice would be right for your business

09 Apr 2014

Get That Job

Seven top tips for getting the job you've been looking for...

11 Jun 2014

Work Experience or Qualifications? That age old question

Are you confused about what will help you most when trying to stand out and be noticed by employers? Is it work experience or is it qualifications? Read on to find out more about the value of gaining work experience and getting new qualifications

23 Apr 2014

Why Choose an Apprenticeship?

Are you 16 to 24 years old? Are you looking for the ideal opportunity to get paid to learn and gain vital work experience? Then you need to seriously consider doing an apprenticeship.

21 May 2014

New Skills and New Jobs Project

Twin Group visited Oberhausen in the Ruhr area of Germany as part of a European Commission –funded initiative "New Skills and New Jobs - Bridging the Gap"

12 Feb 2014

What is QCF? (The New NVQ)

Find out what the new QCF can do for you and how it's better than NVQ courses

16 Apr 2013

London apprentices to receive 30% travel discount

The government has announced that apprentices will receive 30% travel discount on London travel cards.

09 May 2013

Twin Apprenticeships Open Day - May 31st 2013

If you're aged 16-18 and seeking real-life work experience,
then don't miss our London Apprenticeships Open Day!

07 May 2013

Interview with an Apprentice

We interview an aspiring young animator to find out about her experience as a Twin apprentice...

19 Dec 2012

Bang & Olufsen trainee wins Twin Apprentice of the Year 2012 title

Twin Group has selected an 18 year old apprentice from Bang & Olufsen (B&O) as the winner of their inaugural Apprentice of the Year competition.

07 Dec 2012

My apprenticeship is helping me get to where I want to be

Business Administration apprentice Luke Taylor has described how his apprenticeship gave him the break he needed in a difficult jobs market.

04 Dec 2012

Twin outperform national average on Work Programme

Twin Employment & Training are one of the top-performing organisations delivering the Government’s Work Programme, according to the first Work Programme performance statistics released by the Department of Work and Pensions.

19 Nov 2012

Twin launches inaugural apprentice competition

Twin Employment & Training has selected three finalists for its very first Apprentice of the Year competition.

16 Oct 2012

Cream of UK apprentices to appear at Birmingham Skills Show

The UK’s top apprentices will be showing the public what they can do at an event in Birmingham next month.

09 Jan 2014

Young people feel benefits of vocational training

Two jobseekers from south London have explained how a pre-apprenticeship training programme has helped them to find work and vocational training.

02 May 2012

Twin-sponsored team in cup final penalty shoot-out

An under-16 football team sponsored by Twin narrowly lost on penalties in a cup final recently.

02 Feb 2012

REC welcomes political support for apprenticeships

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) has welcomed the support being shown for apprenticeships by the three main political parties ahead of National Apprenticeship Week 2012.

01 Feb 2012

Independent training providers delighted by growth in apprenticeships

Independent education and training providers have welcomed results indicating a large increase in the number of people in the UK successfully completing apprenticeship courses.

05 Jan 2012

Twin named as provider on families programme

Twin has been named as one of the eight welfare-to-work companies who will be implementing a new £200m government programme to help families overcome barriers to employment.

21 Dec 2011

ERSA issues work programme supply chain recommendations

A ten point action plan for supply chain relationships in the Government’s Work Programme initiative has been unveiled by the Employment Related Services Association (ERSA).

02 Dec 2011

£60m investment in employer-led skills

Over £61 million is to be invested in projects to drive employer investment in skills across the UK, it was announced last week.

02 Dec 2011

New guidelines for offering arts internships

Two leading arts organisations have added their voice to the debate over the conditions that interns should be offered.

02 Dec 2011

UK recruitment industry grows by 25%

Turnover in the UK’s recruitment industry has bounced back by over 25 per cent to just under £25 billion over the past financial year according to the latest annual report launched from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

09 Nov 2011

Sir Alex Ferguson to promote apprenticeships and training

The Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson will speak about the importance of training and apprenticeships at the Unite/Cogent conference later this week.

28 Jul 2011

Guardian Jobs promoting vocational education

The Guardian Jobs website is promoting the benefits of apprenticeships and vocational education ahead of the WorldSkills 2011 Event.

28 Jul 2011

Advice event for school pupils who have received their GCSE results

Twin Employment & Training is holding an event on the 25th and 26th August to advise school pupils who have just received their GCSE results about their options.

28 Jul 2011

REC discusses benefits of flexible working with Business Secretary

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) has discussed the benefits of flexible working arrangements with the Business Secretary at the launch of a report on the issue.

28 Jul 2011

Prime minister announces £25m apprenticeship fund

The government is to create a £25 million package that will support up to 10,000 advanced and higher apprenticeships, the prime minister has announced. 

28 Jul 2011

Government praised for addressing skills gaps

The efforts made by the coalition government to address skills shortages in the UK have been welcomed by one industry figure.

28 Jul 2011

Students will turn to vocational courses

UK students will reject traditional degrees in favour of vocational courses that better prepare them for the needs of employers, according to a leading private sector academic.

29 Jul 2011

UK manufacturing needs more investment in training

UK manufacturing businesses need to increase their investment in skills training to drive economic growth, according to one recruitment expert.

29 Jul 2011

New Skills Funding Agency programme for unemployed

The Skills Funding Agency is working with Jobcentre Plus on a new programme that aims to equip the unemployed with the necessary skills to find a sustainable job.

29 Jul 2011

Recruitment firms key to providing skilled sales professionals

Training and recruitment organisations can play a key role in sourcing sales professionals for companies, according to a new report from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation.

29 Jul 2011

Recruitment industry needs to attract new talent

Persuading young people to enter a career in recruitment should be one of the industry’s priorities, according to a new member of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC).

29 Jul 2011

New Government plans for employer-led skills training

Business Secretary Vince Cable has announced Government support for employer led projects to deliver the skills needed for economic growth.

29 Jul 2011

ERSA expects ‘solid progress’ from providers

The Employment Related Services Association (ERSA) has announced it expects welfare-to-work providers to make “good solid progress” in getting people off benefits and back into work.

29 Jul 2011

GMCC want continued support for apprenticeships

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce is calling on engineering companies to continue supporting apprenticeships.

01 Aug 2011

Putting photos on CVs is 'unnecessary'

People looking to find work in London should avoid putting photographs on their CV unless the employer specifically asks for one.                  

02 Aug 2011

Employment Programmes for WorldSkills 2011

Twin Employment & Training is offering people the chance to gain employment experience at the WorldSkills 2011 event.

02 Aug 2011

CIPD launches best practice internship guide

Two governmental organisations have launched a new guide outlining best practice for employers hiring interns.

04 Aug 2011

Students want more access to vocational education

The majority of students believe more low-cost alternatives to full-time university courses should be available to them when they leave school.

12 Aug 2011

UCATT urges government to change apprenticeship policy

The dwindling numbers of young people entering the construction industry are evidence that the government must change its apprenticeships policy.

12 Aug 2011

Young people 'do not need a degree to succeed'

The City and Guilds Vocational Rich List proves that university is not the only option open to young people when it comes to forging a successful career.

12 Aug 2011

Lord Adebowale hails partnerships on welfare to work

Public and private sector organisations can provide welfare to work services more effectively by working together, according to Lord Victor Adebowale CBE, chief executive of social care organisation Turning Point.

12 Aug 2011

Businesses 'can boast about work experience placements'

Businesses that offer work experience to young people can boast about the fact they are putting something back into the community, it has been claimed.

12 Aug 2011

Experience 'more important than education'

When it comes to advancing one's career, having work experience is more valuable than a strong academic background, according to a new survey.

12 Aug 2011

Work experience for young people can help rebuilding process after UK riots

Businesses can help the UK communities affected by rioting by offering jobs and work experience to young people, according to an expert in sustainable business.

16 Aug 2011

A-level students 'choosing workplace ahead of university'

The number of A-level students planning to enter the workplace instead of going on to higher education has climbed dramatically, according to new research.

16 Aug 2011

Entrepreneurs called to the Dragon’s Den

A new enterprise qualification is being offered to young people in the Midlands thanks to a star of the BBC show Dragon’s Den.

16 Aug 2011

Details of first Merlin Standard meeting released

The Merlin Standard, set up to champion positive behaviours and relationships in the delivery of welfare to work provision, has released the minutes from its first meeting.

13 Feb 2013

UK firms prefer experience to degrees

Two-thirds of UK firms would hire a school-leaver with two years’ experience over a graduate, according to a new survey of 400 companies.

17 Aug 2011

Young people urged to find out more about vocational education at upcoming event

Annemarie Schofield, Head of Training & Development for Twin Employment & Training, has said young people should be inspired by this year’s City & Guilds Vocational Rich List to consider vocational education.

18 Aug 2011

Twin to deliver apprenticeships for The College of North West London

Twin Employment & Training has won a subcontract with The College of North West London for the delivery of apprenticeships.

18 Aug 2011

Ex-offenders to be included in the work programme

The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has announced that the Work Programme is going to be extended to ex-offenders as part of the Government's response to the riots.

25 Aug 2011

National helpline for students receiving GCSE results

Students who receive their GCSE results today can call a free helpline to discuss their options with a careers adviser.

26 Aug 2011

AELP calls for more apprenticeships for GCSE students

A training organisation has called for business owners to consider offering apprenticeships to young people who have just received their GCSE results.

31 Aug 2011

Government confirms support for unemployed learners

The Government has restated its commitment to support training for jobseekers and those on income-related benefit looking for work.

01 Sep 2011

Employers urged to invest in apprenticeships

Businesses in the engineering, manufacturing and science sectors in Wales must invest more in apprenticeships to address a skills shortage in these areas, it has been claimed.

02 Sep 2011

CITB welcomes apprenticeship plans

Government plans to boost the number of apprenticeships being created in the construction industry have been welcomed by a skills organisation.

02 Sep 2011

Apprentices 'have been a great asset to NHS Trust'

Apprentices 'have been a great asset to NHS Trust'

15 Sep 2011

Jobseekers to face mandatory English language courses

Prime Minister David Cameron has called for jobseekers to receive support in learning key skills such as speaking English fluently.

15 Sep 2011

New ONS figures shed light on UK employment situation

New figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have shed light on the UK's employment situation.

15 Sep 2011

Work experience in the UK may arise from Russia trade deals

Growing trade between Britain and Russia will help create jobs, prime minister David Cameron has said, a situation that could also offer more opportunities for work experience in the UK.

15 Sep 2011

BIS unveils new support measures for jobseekers

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has unveiled new measures to provide support to jobseekers.

15 Sep 2011

REC launches youth employment charter

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) has launched a Youth Employment Charter to improve the work-readiness of young people.

15 Sep 2011

Government funding for adult and community learning

59 organisations from across England have secured funding from the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) to offer informal adult and community learning opportunities.

15 Sep 2011

Work Programme participants prefer support from a distance

Over 80% of Work Programme participants would prefer distance-based continued support once they have secured employment, according to a new survey. 

15 Sep 2011

Government announces new apprenticeship measures

The government has unveiled a series of new measures designed to make it easier for businesses to offer apprenticeships to young people.

15 Sep 2011

Travelodge unveils new apprentices drive

Hotel chain Travelodge is looking to take on a further 125 management apprenticeships through its Junior Management Programme (JuMP), the company has announced.

19 Sep 2011

Job Centres not meeting needs of jobseekers

Job Centres are not adequately meeting the needs of jobseekers, according to a new survey released last week.

14 Feb 2013

Smartphones 'could help people find work in London'

Those looking to find work in London can use smartphones to improve their chances.

21 Sep 2011

Government to double funding for deprived pupils

The Department for Education has announced that the total funding available for the Pupil Premium will double to £1.25 billion in 2012/13, which could improve the chances of such individuals gaining UK university entry in the future.

21 Sep 2011

Finding work in London 'requires a good attitude and enthusiasm'

A positive attitude and enthusiasm are just as important as a degree for those looking to find work in London, it has been claimed.

22 Sep 2011

Superdrug employee named Apprentice of the Year

A Superdrug employee has been named Apprentice of the Year by the National Skills Academy at a ceremony in London.

23 Sep 2011

London jobseekers to receive £11.3m in support

Londoners looking for work have received a boost with the news that £11.3m is being made available to employment organisations in the capital.

26 Sep 2011

Engineering firm reveals apprentice drive

An engineering firm has revealed the efforts it has gone to in recruiting a new wave of apprentices.

05 Oct 2011

Facebook page launched to support WorldSkills competitors

The organisers of the WorldSkills 2011 event have created a facebook page for people to show their support for the international teams competing at the event.

05 Oct 2011

Skillset apprentices produce film for young people

Apprentices from Skillset Cymru's Apprenticeship in Creative and Digital Media have produced a short film aimed at young people in Wales.

11 Oct 2011

Government announces £11m of skills funding

Business Secretary Vince Cable has announced £11m of Government funding for skills in key industries.

12 Oct 2011

Jason Gardener ambassador to UK WorldSkills team

Olympic gold medallist Jason Gardner has given an interview explaining his role as an ambassador for Team UK at the WorldSkills 2011 competition.

18 Oct 2011

Twin awarded preferred bidder status by DWP

Twin Training International Ltd has been awarded preferred bidder status by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP)  for a major Welfare to Work contract across the South West of England (excluding Cornwall)  funded by the European Social Fund (ESF)and DWP.

24 Oct 2011

Tesco to recruit 3,000 new apprentices

Tesco has announced that it has expanded its apprenticeship programme by over 30% by including 3,000 extra people i its 2011/12 scheme. 

24 Oct 2011

Kraft to double numbers of UK apprentices

Kraft Foods has announced plans to double the number of apprentices it employs in the UK and Ireland.

24 Oct 2011

Recruitment companies key to economic progress

Private employment services provide a bridge to social and economic progress, according to a new report released today by Ciett, the global confederation of private employment agencies.

31 Oct 2011

Creative apprenticeships add millions to UK economy

Creative Apprenticeships (CAs) are adding significant value to employers, employees and the state, according to a recent report.

31 Oct 2011

Information sessions for benefit claimants

The Government has introduced a new initiative to make employment and support allowance claimants more aware of the opportunities on offer to them from Work Programme providers.

31 Oct 2011

Jobseeker hails “fantastic” WorldSkills course

Josephine Fauche, mother of three and jobseeker, has described her time training to be a volunteer for the WorldSkills 2011 event in London as “fantastic”.

31 Oct 2011

Jobs increase across the UK

Every region of the UK saw an increase in job numbers over the past month, according to the latest Job Index from recruitment company Reed.