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10 incredible companies you’ll want to work at because of their perks

Company perks and benefits help employees feel valued, which is why these companies go the extra mile!


Company perks can feel like a personalised touch from the employer to the employee, something that shows the team that they are valued and will be well looked after.

Perkbox believe that 61% of the UK’s workforce is disengaged; something that company perks can help to change. Whilst Glassdoor found that 57% of all workers say perks and benefits are among the top things that people consider when they decide whether to accept a job.

Here are some of the best company perks:

  1. Airbnb provide their employees with $2,000 every year for travelling and the employees are able to stay in an Airbnb property anywhere in the world.
  2. Netflix offers one year paid maternity and paternity leave for new parents. This would really accommodate to the struggles of being a new parent.
  3. At Salesforce you can take up to 7 days of paid time off per year to offer your volunteering services at whichever charities are closest to your heart. They also offer their top 100 volunteers $10,000 grants to donate to a non-profit organisation of their choice.
  4. Spotify offer 6 months paid parental leave, with one month of flexible work options available for parents who are returning to the office. They also offer to cover the costs of egg freezing and fertility assistance.
  5. Not only do Google offer 50% of a deceased employee’s salary to a surviving spouse or partner for the next ten years, they also offer onsite wellness and healthcare services including fitness classes, free food and personal and professional development classes.
  6. BrewDog offer their employees a week of ‘paid puppy leave’, to help your new pooch settle in at your home.
  7. VisitBritain offer their employees free West End theatre tickets, as well as regular trips to some of the best new attractions and events across Britain.
  8. JustEat provide free food and drinks every Friday with a resident DJ, so that everyone can enjoy their Friday evening.
  9. Expedia UK gives their employees a ‘Wellness Allowance’ that they can spend on fitness related items such as gym memberships etc.
  10. Huddle offer employees who are joining the company a bonus of £5,000, they call it a huddle cuddle. Each year employees are also given a gift worth £500, what a way to retain staff!

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