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3 things that won’t happen in your interview

Are you guilty of worrying too much before an interview?


There are many reasons why you get nervous when you go to a job interview, especially if you really want the role. It is perfectly natural to feel anxious about your interview, however if it is keeping you awake at night then you need to seek further reassurance.

Put the kettle on, have a cup of tea and read our advice of the 3 things that won’t happen in your job interview, so you can stop worrying about it.

  1. You will say the wrong thing
    During your interview the main thing you focus on is how you have this one shot to make a good impression. It puts a lot of pressure on you; something that will help to relieve some of that pressure is by thoroughly researching.

    If you research the company, the interviewer and what questions you are likely to be asked, you will feel more at ease because you will have a wealth of knowledge and be able to picture how the interview will go, including what you want to say. (I often write out answers to the questions that are likely to come up and revise them.)

  2.  You won’t be able to speak
    This is a very common fear when it comes to job interviews. This might consist of your brain freezing or just being unprepared for what will happen, such as the questions that your interviewer will ask.

    Hopefully you’ve followed no.1, research can really help you know what you want to say and how best to portray it. Another useful way to avoid not being able to speak is by practising your interview techniques and knowing your CV/skillset like the back of your hand.

  3. You won’t be accepted for the job
    The fear of rejection is sometimes so strong that it can stop you from performing well. An interview is all about showcasing your best qualities and the only way to do this is to be fearless!

    Live in the moment. Don’t think about how the interviewer will perceive you or the other candidates who will be interviewed and whom you fear might be better suited for the role. Just focus on yourself.

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