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4 Benefits of the Turing Scheme

Have you considered applying for the Turing Scheme? Find out why we think you should!



The Turing Scheme is a UK-wide program that replaced the Erasmus+ Programme, providing funding for international placements across the world.

But why should you consider applying?
We’ve put together a list of some of the best benefits you’ll receive if you participate in the scheme.


  1. An International Experience

The Turing Scheme is a truly international experience. As part of the scheme, you will get to choose between cities with diverse cultures, fascinating history, and booming industries. 

You get to choose where you want to undertake your Internship – Ireland, Portugal, or Spain. We currently offer placements in Dublin, Lisbon, Seville, and Valencia, meaning you get to work and learn abroad, and experience a completely different culture.

Some of our previous participants have fallen in love with local restaurants, relaxed on nearby beaches, and made lifelong friends – all while taking part in the Turing Scheme.  

  1. Learn Another Language

The Turing Scheme offers participants the chance to work abroad, but this often brings up the question – what about the language barrier?

As part of the scheme, participants who choose to accept an internship in Spain or Portugal are offered an in-country language course to help them get along in their day-to-day lives while abroad.

Sasha Arion, who did a TEFL internship in Valencia said “Practising the language on a daily basis helped me to navigate my way around the city and fully immerse myself in the Valencian culture, enabling a deeper awareness and appreciation for the Spanish way of life”.

  1. A Great Way to Develop Skills

Doing an internship is an excellent way to expand your skills, and make yourself look more appealing to employers. Currently, we offer placements in TEFL (English Teaching), Digital Marketing, and Hospitality & Tourism.

The scheme means that as well as improving your CV and increasing your employability prospects, you’re also able to test your skills in a real-life working environment.

The Turing Scheme also allows you to develop your own unique skillsets and transfer this into the workplace, with one of our TEFL participants even being able to transfer their love of art and cooking into the classroom.


  1. It’s Fully Funded

While you might be worried that you can’t afford to do an internship, don’t worry – the Turing Scheme is fully funded.

But what does that actually mean? If you are successful in gaining a position and participating in the Turing Scheme, here’s what’s included:

  • A 10-week work placement (13 weeks in Dublin)
  • Return flights to your destination
  • Accommodation
  • €100 weekly living allowance
  • Health & Travel Insurance
  • Awards contributing to a relevant Level 3 qualification
  • In-country language courses (Spain and Portugal only)
  • A travel card (Dublin only)
  • Support and mentoring throughout

All of this means that you can focus on getting the most out of your placement, without having to worry about being able to live comfortably.

The Turing Scheme is not only a fantastic way to improve your employability prospects, but it’s also an opportunity to work abroad, and develop your understandings of different cultures.

Click here to learn more about the scheme, and apply now