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4 ways to utilise the hobbies section in your CV

How can your hobbies help you land your dream job?


The hobbies section in your CV can add value to your candidacy which can help you secure the job! Alternatively, the hobbies section could damage your chance of even getting an interview. It all depends what and how you write it.

What is the importance of the hobby section?

The hobby section is to create a character profile of you as a person outside of work. Your hobbies can show that you possess the right qualities for the job, for instance the role you are applying for may want you to be a problem-solver so you could write down that one of your hobbies is playing board games.

The hobbies section is particularly useful for graduates or those who haven’t got a lot of relevant working history for the role; this is because your hobbies can show that you have the right transferable skills.

  1. Use relevant hobbies
    Refer to the role and carefully consider what skills and personality traits the role requires you to have. For example, the role may require you to be a good team player – so you could write down a sentence about how you play in a football team. This is known as a transferable skill.

    E.g. “Every Sunday I play football with my local team, this helps me to be an excellent communicator. As a result of our team work, we haven’t lost a match this season!”

  2. Include any volunteering work
    Volunteering work shows that you are a helpful and compassionate towards others. If you regularly take part in volunteer work it also shows that you are selfless. (But never lie in your CV!)

  3. Interesting hobbies will make you stand out
    Nobody cares about your generic hobbies; a boring list will not add any value to your CV:

    “I like watching TV, socialising with friends, going to the cinema, eating out and listening to music.

    You need to make your CV stand out, so if you have any interesting or different hobbies make sure you include them, these can serve as conversation starters that your employer can ask you during your interview:

    “I enjoy geocaching, because I get to explore different parts of the world and I get to meet and socialise with other geocachers – it’s a really fun community, where we all help each other out.”

  4. Write about your hobbies, don’t just write a list

    Remember you are selling yourself and explaining why you are the right candidate for the job, so it is vital for you to describe how your hobbies help you to meet the requirements of the role.

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