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5 reasons why you should study a BTEC (instead of A-levels)

Discover whether a BTEC is the right choice for you instead of A-levels


RRBTEC (which stands for ‘Business and Technician Education Council’) qualifications were first introduced in 1984 and since then they have become increasingly popular among students.

The idea behind the BTEC qualification was to provide a different approach to learning, which enables a more inclusive educational path for all. BTECs are vocational and work-related courses, whilst A-levels focus on academic learning and the traditional examination testing method.


What BTEC qualification can you get?

You can gain a BTEC qualification for 2,000 different subjects across 16 sectors, for example you can do Business, Engineering, Childcare, Media or Art & Design. BTECs are offered at all levels of the educational system; for GCSEs you can complete BTEC level 1 and 2, for A-levels you can complete level 3, and for a degree qualification you can complete level 4 to 7.


Why is a BTEC the right qualification for you?

Less or no exams

BTECs are coursework focused which means that, depending on your course; you won’t have to do many or any examinations to get your qualifications. BTECs are good for people who don’t like or can’t perform well on exams.

Real life experience

BTECs can provide you with real life experience in your industry which is very appealing for potential universities or prospective employers. A-levels generally focus on the academia of a subject, whilst BTECs focus on real-life practical tasks and sometimes even provide work placements.

Progression to university

BTECs can be an excellent way to progress into university and nowadays 95% of universities accept BTECs, including those in the Russell Group (which includes the likes of Oxford University).

In 2015, statistics showed that a quarter of students accepted into higher education held at least one BTEC. The vocational focused BTECs are becoming more popular among students, so it isn’t a surprise that universities are adjusting their acceptance requirements and promoting the same respect for BTECs as A-levels receive.

If at first you don’t succeed, try again!

Unlike A-levels where a large chunk of your final grade is assessed by the exam, BTECs allow you to resubmit a piece of coursework so that you can get the best possible grade. Not only do you benefit by receiving your top grade, you also have the weight of pressure and stress lifted from your shoulders.

A change is as good as the rest

Are you growing tiresome of the traditional teaching methods and assessments? Then maybe it’s time to switch up your learning; it could save your education! Everybody can get tired of doing the same thing, especially if you don’t think that the traditional teaching method works for you. Completing BTECs instead of doing A-levels might be the change of scenery that you need to help you focus and achieve your dreams.


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