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How to fill out an online application form

Online application forms can be tricky to fill out, but if you follow these tips you'll master them!


Why do some companies have their own online job applications? We’ve all had that heart-sinking moment when we find our ideal job and are about to hit send on an email with our CV attached, when we are met with a large application form. (‘Urgh, this will take forever!’ is often my reaction.)

Some companies, especially those in the public sector, favour the online application form over the classic CV and cover letter. This is because it allows them to analyse their applications in a more efficient and time-saving manner. Some employers believe that they can also extract more information from an application form than from the candidate’s CV.

  • Always write out your answers in a word document and remember to save each section as you go through the online application form. You don’t want to have just written a wonderful description of yourself and why you should get the job for it just to be erased 5 minutes later because you forgot to save it.
  • Never rush the application. Take time to read the questions that the company is asking you and carefully consider how best to answer the question, keeping in mind their values and aims and your own experience.
  • Speaking of not rushing your application, make sure you check your application thoroughly, including any grammar and spelling mistakes. And if you aren’t sure, let your friends or family look over the application to check for mistakes or to see if they can offer any suggestions for improvements.
  • Always fill out every field with an answer; the more information you provide in your application the better, because it means that the employer will have a full picture of you and your experience. (But remember don’t just write anything, make sure that what you write is relevant, concise, informative and interesting!)
  • Finally, remember to print off a copy of the questions and your answers, this will help to prepare you if the employer offers you an interview.


Happy applying! If you are looking for employment and/or need additional support and advice, check out our Twin Employment and Training website and contact our team today.