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6 skills you need for a career in accounting

Discover what skills and qualities you will need to have when you are applying for an accounting role


The career of an accountant has a diverse range of fields, and within those fields there are many interesting day-to-day tasks that you will be doing. If one of your main interests in life is money, then this could be the career for you!

But of course, it’s not all about money and numbers; you need to have a few other skills to be able to fulfil all of the tasks in an accounting role. You will need organisation skills, an eye for detail, to be adaptable, strong communication skills, excellent time management skills and be a hard working individual with a strong drive.


For a career in accounting, you must be organised because you’ll have a lot of responsibilities, so you must be able to successfully organise and manage your portfolios, your transactions and ensure that you know when your deadlines are for certain projects.

Eye for detail

In accounting you must have a good eye for detail, because you’ll need to ensure that all your work is correct. For instance, as part of your role, you may need to examine statements to ensure that they are accurate.


Being adaptable is a very desirable trait for accountants, because the fast-paced nature of the role requires its employees to quickly learn new information and figure out how to change a negative into a positive. The ability to embrace change is particularly important for when accountants are trying to figure out ways to improve businesses efficiency in terms of saving money.

Communication skills

As with a career in any sector, communication is key! You must be an excellent communicator with a variety of people, including members of your team, clients and other accountant businesses (when you are networking). Some clients you work with might not understand the accountancy language and terms you use, so you must be able to simplify complex information in a straightforward way to ensure that people understand.

Time management

Meeting tight deadlines is an essential part as a role in accountancy, so it is vital that your time management skills are outstanding. You must be able to prioritise your workload and keep on top of all of your deadlines, because disappointing a client could be critical for your business.

Hard working

To succeed in a role in accounting, you must be hard working and willing to put in all the dedicated hours, that will help you when you’re progressing in your career because most accountants start at the bottom and have to prove that they are worthy of a promotion. Alongside this, you must be resilient; you must remain calm under pressure and trust in your abilities.


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