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6 skills you need for a career in law

Have you always wanted to be a lawyer? Do you have these essential skills for a career in law?


You’re probably thinking “What? I need specific skills for a career in law? Can’t I just watch Suits or Law & Order?”

Unfortunately, you can’t only binge watch law shows to become an expert; you need to work for it, by becoming very familiar with all legal requirements of your role (as there are different types of lawyers) and gain the below essential 6 skills. (Of course, you are more than welcome to binge watch law TV shows to help you learn or to help you relax after a long day!)

Communication skills

Communication skills are vital for a career in law. You need to be able to articulate your points clearly, communicate with ease (in written and oral forms) and use your language to persuade. Listening skills are also imperative for a career in law, because you need to be able to understand your client and pick apart any important details that they disclose with you.

Alongside these communication skills, you also need to be able to speak confidently – because a career in law requires you to speak in court, negotiate settlements and explain complicated information to your clients. 

A desire to continuously learn

Lawyers need to be able to process information easily and enjoy learning, because of the ever evolving world that we live in, this includes being up to date with current affairs and how this may impact your clients and current laws, as well as always being up to date with any new legislations.

Amidst your desire to learn, you must also have excellent research and analytical skills because it’s all very good reading and learning new information, but you also need to be able to extract details from that research that can inform your cases and help your clients.

Attention to detail

The devil is, after all, in the detail. As a lawyer you must have the skill set to pay very close attention to every detail, otherwise you might overlook a key piece of information in a case. It is especially very important to have this skill if you are going through a clause or contract for a client, because if you aren’t paying attention it can be very easy to miss a vital word that could make or break your client’s case.

Organisation skills

As a legal professional you will need to be organised, because you will have a lot of data and documents to manage and you don’t want to lose any information or mix up cases. Some clients may have an extensive amount of information, so it is essential that you have a filing method and are able to quickly draw up any documents that you may need.

Time management

Your time is very valuable, so prioritising your workload, ensuring you meet deadlines and allocating enough time for various tasks is an essential skill for a professional wishing to purse a legal career. You also must be able to multitask, have a strong work ethic and be able to plan effectively, because lawyers often have a large workload.

Customer service skills

You will need to have exceptional customer service skills and a friendly and welcoming personality because you will be working with a variety of people. Customer service skills are essential for a legal career because you must form strong and trusting relationships with the clients that you serve.


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