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Avoid these 3 common interview mistakes

Never make these mistakes again and ace your next interview


You probably know about the importance of dressing appropriately and being on time for your job interview, however do you know about these 3 common interview mistakes and how to avoid them?

Textbook answers

Interviewers have heard a lot of answers, so if you think for a minute that you’re being original by reciting a textbook answer, you are wrong! Giving a textbook answer is a lazy approach to the interview, which in turn shows your potential employee that you are unengaged with the interview, the role and the company.

How can you avoid this interview mistake? Of course you need to research potential interview questions and you should prepare answers for these questions. But your answers should reflect you, your skills and why you are the right candidate for the role, not what the internet says is the best answer.

Tip: Prepare answers for the usual interview questions and also the strange interview questions.


Interview nerves

Letting your interview nerves get the best of you is a massive interview mistake. If you don’t say enough in an interview because you are nervous, then you won’t impress the interviewer. It’s perfectly natural to feel anxious during an interview, but you have to rein in the anxiety and focus on winning the interviewer over.

How can you avoid this interview mistake? Nerves can be difficult to overcome, however being prepared will help to eliminate your anxiety, so you could practice being in an interview setting and prepare answers to possible questions that might come up. Why not check out these 10 simple steps to help calm your interview nerves?

Tip: If a question really stumps you in the interview, don’t be afraid to ask for more time, either ask a few minutes to think about the answer, or ask if you can answer the question at the end of the interview.


‘Winging it’

Not doing research is a big mistake! You need to do thorough research so that you can show the interviewer that you really want the role and are passionate to work with the company.

How can you avoid this interview mistake?

Do your research; take time to prepare yourself for your interview and incorporate your research into your practice questions and answers. Make sure you research: the company’s values and beliefs, the company itself including what they do and what they have done in the past, the role and what you are expected to do, the employees and the working culture.

Tip: The internet allows you to carry out your research easily, so take advantage of this and make sure you look on the company’s website, their social media and if they have ever been in the news.


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