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Avoid these crucial CV mistakes that employers hate

Find out the 6 CV mistakes that employers hate


Have you ever wondered what you’re meant to say on your CV? There are many guides and templates to tell you what to write and what not to write, but you might worry that you won’t stand out against your competition if you and everyone else are copying the same templates and guidelines.

Whatever you do to your CV to help you out-shine your competition, make sure you don’t do these 6 crucial CV mistakes that employers hate.

  1. Do not include a photo of yourself. Employers don’t need to see what you look like and some employers admitted that they rejected CV’s that included a photograph.
  2. Do not use an unprofessional font for your CV, stick to a standard font, such as Times New Roman or Calibri, and a standard font size, such as 11 or 12.
  3. Do not use clip art or emojis in your CV, only use the written word. Images of any kind are not necessary on a CV (unless you are a photographer – even then it’s probably better to compile a portfolio with your photographs, as opposed to putting them on your CV).
  4. One of employers top CV hates is when people use backgrounds or snazzy borders. Do not use decorative means to jazz up your CV. A plain CV looks more professional, if you want to jazz up your CV why not add a formatting style, such as a heading or subtitle, available in your Word document.
  5. Do not, I will repeat the word NOT, use an unprofessional email address. Employers hate it when applicants have unprofessional email addresses and do not further the application. It is something that takes little time to change, so you have no excuse.
  6. Finally, employers hate an overly casual tone. Do not use a casual tone. The term working professional comes to mind, you need to make sure you portray professionalism because no business wants to hire someone who is unprofessional and casual.