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Diary of an Intern: The First Week

Arianna tells us all about her first week as a Turing Scheme intern!


Day 1: Arrival at the Airport and settling in our accommodation

The journey began when we landed at Dublin Airport.

After clearing customs and collecting our luggage, I took a deep breath and stepped out into the bustling terminal. Someone from Twin greeted us with a warm Irish accent and helped us with our bags, making me feel instantly at home in this new city.

My home for the duration of my stay is a cosy student dorm located in the southern part of Dublin. The room may be small, but it's filled with warmth and charm. After settling in and getting to know my roommates, we decided to explore our new neighbourhood.

Day 2: Induction Day and Dublin Exploration

The day started early with an induction. We were introduced to the in's and out's of our roles and responsibilities as marketing and social media interns. After a day of absorbing information, we set out to explore Dublin's iconic landmarks. From Trinity College to Temple Bar, we immersed ourselves in the city's rich history and vibrant culture.



Day 3: First Marketing Class

Our first marketing class marked the beginning of our professional journey. The lecturer was engaging, and I felt like I was gaining valuable insights into the world of marketing. I couldn't wait to apply what I was learning in the real world during my internship.

Day 4-7: First Week of Work and Cultural Experiences

My first week was a whirlwind.

The week got even more exciting when we were tasked with covering the Dublin Culture Festival for our placement. Armed with cameras and smartphones, we captured the vibrant performances, delicious street food, and the unity of cultures from around the world. It was an incredible experience that allowed us to practice our marketing and social media skills.

The week provided an opportunity to work on our marketing and social media internships. We brainstormed ideas, crafted engaging posts, and even shot some captivating videos to promote our internship organisations. It was amazing to see our creativity come to life and make an impact.

As my first week came to a close, I couldn't help but reflect on how lucky I was to have this incredible opportunity. The Turing Scheme had already enriched my life in so many ways, and I couldn't wait to see what the rest of my time in Dublin had in store.

The city was a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be uncovered, and I was ready to seize them all.



If you're interested in experiencing work and life in a completely new country like Arianna, why not apply for the Turing Scheme? Who knows where you could end up!