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Dos and don’ts for starting a new job

Follow our quick and easy guide of what you should and shouldn't do when starting your new job


It’s your first day at your new job and you’re a little bit scared. You’ve done your research online, but there are thousands of people offering ‘the best’ job advice and the ‘best career tips’ and now you feel even more overwhelmed.

Don’t despair, just breathe.

We’ve made employment easy for you. All you have to do is follow our simple dos and don’ts for starting your first day at work and you'll succeed.

  1. Do be on time, or ten minutes early (it’s an obvious one, but ensure that you give yourself plenty of time to get to your new job’s location).
  1. Do look presentable and dress appropriately (find out what type of attire your new job requires you to wear and dress accordingly).
  1. Do be enthusiastic about your new role (make sure you fully engage with all the tasks your manager assigns for you).
  1. Do be pleasant to your co-workers (greet everyone with a smile and learn everyone’s names).
  1. Do listen to all information given and ask any questions (this helps to show that you are engaged and want to succeed).
  1. Don’t be on your phone (make sure it is put away and on silent).
  1. Don’t say ‘no’ to lunch with your new co-workers (engage with everyone you meet and make new friends).
  1. Don’t lose sleep the night before (it is important to make a good impression that you are well rested).
  1. Don’t sit there and wait for work, take some initiative (if you are stuck for something to do, ask for a new task/assignment).
  1. Don’t worry if after the first day you feel like you aren’t ever going to understand or be able to do certain things at your new job, with time and practice you’ll be a star!