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ERSA expects ‘solid progress’ from providers


ERSA expects 'solid progress' from providers

ERSA chief executive Kirsty McHugh told the website "We are at the start of the work programme but indications are that the referrals and the number of customers coming through to the welfare-to-work providers is quite high.

"That will mean welfare-to-work providers will be able to do more with more people at an earlier stage, which has to be for the good.

"We are anticipating good solid progress, however it is very difficult to give big figures on how it is going to work out but generally the industry is very upbeat about it otherwise they wouldn't have taken on the contracts.

"We have a lot of people moving from incapacity benefits on to lower level benefits who may have been out of the workforce for a long time and may need intensive help and support to enable them to get back into work."