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GMCC want continued support for apprenticeships


GMCC want continued support for apprenticeships

The Chamber is running a campaign called Yes to Apprenticeships, designed to bring together key individuals across business sectors including engineering and manufacturing with the aim of highlighting the need for apprenticeships to form part of the UK talent pool.

Heather Green, director of apprenticeships for Skills Solutions feels the campaign is necessary to remind employers of the benefits that apprentices can offer them. Ms Green said: "Despite an increase in individuals signing up to take part in apprenticeship programmes across the region and a renewed interest from within the media, there is still sometimes a lack of awareness or understanding of what they can really offer.

"The reality is apprenticeships offer businesses increased longevity of service, the ability to 'home grow' talent and the chance to immerse an individual in the ethos of a business from day one, which together are without question beneficial to any business whatever the sector."