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New scheme introduced by the government to help unemployed families

New support introduced by the government to help unemployed families deal with stress and provide a healthier environment for children to succeed in school.


Government analysis says children disadvantaged by unemployed parents

By Mohammed Abumahlula; The government has announced that they are going to introduce a £215m package as part of a programme in which unemployed parents receive support with relationships.

Works and Pensions Secretary, Damian Green, expressed that children could pick up on tensions within the family which could reduce their ‘emotional bandwidth’.

Green claimed that his department carried out analysis which found that children from unemployed families were almost twice as likely to not meet expected levels throughout different stages in their education. “A child’s chances in life shouldn’t be defined by the background they come from”, Green explained.

He also believes that the two major problems needing to be addressed are ‘children of workless households’, who are in need of additional help and ‘children whose parents are in conflict whether or not they are together’. The report states that 300,000 workless families were potentially being affected by conflicting parents.

The support would focus on combating alcohol and drug addiction as well as reducing tensions between parents, whether they are together or separated. The Department for Work and Pensions’ analysis stated that joblessness was generally a factor that led to people experiencing greater problems in their relationships, for them having poorer mental health, and having debt problems.

The department also states that children perform better if they are in “a close, supportive relationship with their father”. There are going to be plans for the Job Centre Plus to take an active role in the troubled families work, initially launched by David Cameron after the 2011 riots.

Former PM David Cameron planned to implement the ‘life chances strategy’ after winning the EU referendum vote. Since then, the DWP replaced Cameron’s proposed programme with a first in a series of policies announced on Tuesday.

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