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How to create your online profile on LinkedIn

Follow our simple step-by-step guide to create your LinkedIn profile


Having an online presence, such as an account on LinkedIn is just as important as having a CV and a cover letter when you are applying for jobs. The digital world is so accessible and quick, which is why employers like to be able to view their potential future employees before they have even had a face-to-face interview.

Not only is LinkedIn ideal for employers to find employees, it is also ideal for employees to find employment! It’s a two way street, because a lot of employers advertise job roles on their LinkedIn accounts; which means that you can speed up your job search by avoiding having to scroll through various job websites.


Our 11 simple step-by-step guide


  1. Type ‘LinkedIn’ into your browser, click onto the page and the above image will be displayed. The process is easy to do and as you can see – it’s free! Type in your first and last name, your email address (make sure that it is a professional email address, such as your name, not one that you created years ago) and a password. Then click join now.

  1. Fill in your country and postal code (don’t worry your postcode won’t be shown on your account, this is just so that you can search for relevant local news, jobs and people).

  1. Next you can fill out whether you are a student or not, your most recent job title and your most recent company (this is so you are able to connect with your friends and colleagues more easily).

  1. Then you can select which industry you work for/have worked for previously (which will help to narrow down your job search).

  1. After step 4, you can select what you are most interested in; for instance if you are solemnly searching for a job then you can choose finding a job and LinkedIn will personalise your account so that you can find jobs easier.

  2. LinkedIn will then send you an email with a code, so you can confirm your account.

  1. The email will look something like this and you can either copy and paste the code into the page, or simply click confirm your email.

  2. Then there are various steps involved with personalising your account, for instance by entering your email you can import your contacts and connect with people that already have LinkedIn accounts that you might know.


  1. Whilst personalising your account, you can also set up job alerts for your area (daily or weekly), which get sent to your email address.

  2. To make it more convenient you can download the App on your phone, so that you can access your profile, or apply for jobs whenever you like.

  3. Once you have completed all of the steps that you want to fill in, you will then go through to your profile, which will look like this. The more you fill in on your profile, the better your profile strength and the more likely you are to be seen by other people, including head-hunters and employers.


At any point, you can edit or add to your profile, by clicking on the blue plus or the blue pencil. So if you want to quickly make your profile and then fill in more details later then you can.

Remember that LinkedIn is for professional purposes, so that means that: you need to have a professional photo (not one of you getting drunk or sunbathing on a beach), you should only post general and/or professional related content (nothing that is offensive or that might make you look bad to your employer or future employers) and you should fill out the profile as honestly and as fully as you can (so that you make a good impression for all who view our page).