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How to spruce up your desk to inspire and motivate you

Ditch the dull desk by decorating your workspace to increase your inspiration and motivation!


Spending 8 hours a day inside an office with artificial lighting, dull white walls and plain office equipment doesn’t exactly scream inspiration. If you are finding it difficult to concentrate or motivate yourself to do work, it might be time to spruce up your office desk!

There are a number of ways you can bring a little inspiration and motivation to your workspace, such as:

  1. Try adding a plant or two to your desk. Plants can help to reduce carbon monoxide levels, keep air temperatures down and provide a more peaceful environment.

  2. A great way of splashing a bit of colour into your dull office environment is by adding some colourful stationery. Take a trip to Paperchase and treat yourself!

  3. Having a clean desk will help to motivate you to work, so with all your new stationery you’ll also need a cool organiser.

  4. For a very simple desk decoration you could get a colourful or a personalised mouse mat. Find your favourite photo and have it printed on a mouse mat for less than £5 as a cheap way to spruce up your desk.

  5. Fill one of your draws up with goodies. Who doesn’t love a snack draw with their favourite foods and drinks? When you are looking for motivation you can take a break and energise your mind and body.

  6. Decorate your desk by bringing your loved ones to work (not literally!) – adding photos of your loved ones will make your desk a little more personal.

  7. If you struggle to motivate yourself at work, why not stick up a few of your favourite motivational quotes?

  8. Another great way to motivate yourself is by sticking up a calendar where you can write down the things you are looking forward to, such as your days off and holidays.

  9. Does work make you feel stressed? If so then you can always buy some stress relieving toys, such as squeezing balls or some magnetic sand. The temporary distraction will allow you to refocus and de-stress.

  10. Take in some of your favourite books and place them on your desk. In your breaks you can indulge in some serious self-care by reading your favourite novels. You can also buy or make some cute bookends will be help to liven up your desk.

  11. Brighten up your workspace with a lamp – additional light will prevent you from straining your eyes.

  12. Discomfort can be a contributor to your distraction, so why not make your workspace more comfortable? Add a cushion or throw to your chair and make sure that your screen and chair are at the correct height to the desk and computer.

  13. Finally, you could get a whiteboard or cork notice board for your desk. These are excellent at writing yourself reminder notes or to do lists, putting motivational quotes on or even putting your favourite photos on!

    Still can't shake the feeling of being uninspired and unmotivated? Maybe it's time to switch jobs or even careers. If you are looking for another job and need some help, then check out our Twin Employment and Training website and contact our team today.