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Write a job-winning follow up email

Get the job you want by sending a follow up email after the job interview


You wrote the interview-winning CV and cover letter, attended the interview – gave it your all, and have just walked out of the room feeling a little anxious, but also relieved because your fate now rests in someone else’s hands. The pressure is off; you can breathe again.

If you think it is all over until the employer contacts you again, you are WRONG.

A lot of people walk out of the interview and wait to hear back from the employer, however, there is one very important final step that many people forget. The dreaded follow up email that you must send after your interview.

What is a follow up email for?
Essentially, a follow up email is to thank the interviewers for his/her time, reiterate your interest in the role that you interviewed for and to sell yourself one last time; concluding why you think you are the right candidate for the position.

Not only does a follow up email show that you have good manners and are enthusiastic about the role, it also ensures that they see your name another time and are more likely to consider you when choosing their employee, because your name is fresh in their memory.

How long should it be and when should you send it?
Your follow up email should only be a few short paragraphs – no more than four/five. The interviewer doesn’t want to read a ridiculously long email; keep it short and sweet.

You will want to send this email within 24 hours after the interview.

What should it include?
Things to include in your follow up email:

  • Thank them for their time
  • Reiterate your interest in working for the company and in the role itself
  • Conclude that you have the essential and desired skills they are looking for in their employee
  • Include any additional information you might have forgotten during the interview
  • Reassure them that you are available to contact, should they wish to ask you any further questions
  • At the end of the email, thank them once again and express your interest in hearing back from them, regarding the position and their decision.

There are many follow up email templates and examples on the web which can help you write your own. We suggest you check out Indeed’s follow-up email examples article before you start drafting your email.