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How you should prepare yourself for work

Find out how you can get ready for your new job with our tips on how to prepare physically and mentally for employment.


You won the interviewers over and now you’ve landed the job. Congratulations! Now you need to prepare for your first day on the new job, but how do you that? You have to ready yourself both physically and mentally.


A few days before

If you have a few days before you start your new job, you can make sure that you are exercising, eating and sleeping well. These three simple factors can really help to ensure that you are alert and the very best version of yourself, which in turn ensures you are ready for work.

It can also be beneficial to practice the commute, if you aren’t too familiar with the area or route, especially at rush hour. This helps you be on time on the day and will show you how busy it is and if you’ll need to set off earlier because of this.

The night before

If you’re starting work the following day you don’t have a whole lot of time to prepare, however there are a few things that you can do to ensure the first day at your new job runs smoothly.

Research, or browse, your future co-workers social media profiles and find out who you will be working with. This can help calm your nerves, because having names and faces that you already know and recognise prior to going into work will make the transition of meeting many new faces easier.

Re-research the company, you should have already done this in preparation for the interview, but it doesn’t do any harm to look over your notes and research on the company, so you know what their goals, aims and desires are.

Prepare for the morning; pack your bag with anything you might need for your first day (i.e. stationery) and choose your outfit, this prevents you from having any morning worries that may make you late.

On the day

Wake up early to allow yourself time before you have to start getting ready. If you immediately wake up and start getting ready then your body will feel rushed and more anxious, but if you give yourself plenty of time then you will feel relaxed and ready for the day ahead.

Having a good breakfast will help to prepare you for work, because you’ll have the energy you need to help you get through the day in a focused and engaged manner.


The night before

Thinking positively can massively impact the outcome of a day. If you believe that you’re going to succeed in the day then you are more likely to do well. Positive imagery can help because you can imagine yourself in various circumstances in the workplace that may happen and you can picture the best way of you dealing with them.

Even if this isn’t the job that you want, you can think positively because you are beginning to pave the pathway to success; if you put in the hard work now, then you’ll get to your preferred destination sooner.

On the day

To ensure you are mentally prepared on the day, you can pump yourself up; self-talking in the mirror can be an effective way of reminding yourself of all the wonderful qualities and personality traits you have that will help you to succeed at your new job.

Striking a power pose can be a quick and easy way to boost your confidence and eliminate any nerves you might have about your new role. If you feel more confident in the morning then you will be unstoppable.