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Interview with an Apprentice


Interview with an Apprentice

Name: Diyana Abbas-Ali

Age: 25 (23 when applied)

Programme: Web Design Apprenticeship

Dream job: Working for Disney animation

Idols: Glen Keane (character animation at Walt Disney Studios) and Bobby Chui (Canadian illustrator/ concept designer and author of 'The Perfect Bait.')

How did you find out about the web design apprenticeship with Twin?

I struggled to find permanent animation and web design roles. I decided that I needed to gain more experience to increase my overall chances. I saw a leaflet at the Jobcentre advertising a web design apprenticeship with Twin and things went from there.

Why did you choose Twin?

Creative apprenticeships are quite hard to come by in London, so I knew I had to grab the opportunity at Twin with both hands.

I was also worried that my age (23 at the time) would create problems for me in regards to my eligibility, but luckily Twin (unlike other companies) take on a large age group - covering people up to the age of 24. I think my age actually worked in my favour, as I was determined to work hard and make a good impression which paid off in the long run.

Also, at my interview with Twin, I was immediately made to feel welcome, and the close-knit nature of the company gave the apprenticeship a personal touch.

What were the highlights of the apprenticeship?

I have gained so much during my time at Twin. Firstly, I would say that getting hands-on experience in an office environment was important for me. Many animators work from home and it can be quite a solo career, however it's really nice to experience team work and have the opportunity to interact with people from all walks of life. This helped develop my communication skills.

I also really enjoyed the creative projects that were set for me, as it helped me to develop and improve specific skills. One project I particularly liked was creating a gallery with Lightbox effect for one of Twin's websites. It was so useful to gain valuable web skills such as CMS and HTML, which are needed in modern animation roles. The projects also gave me some fab additions for my portfolio.

Were there any negatives?

Obviously money can be an issue when embarking upon an apprenticeship. However, having limited funds actually taught me important life skills, such as budgeting and making your money stretch further. Saying that, I'll be honest when I say that it's really nice to have a full-time wage now - something that probably would not have been possible without the apprenticeship.

What was the outcome of your apprenticeship?

My apprenticeship was extended by a couple of months and turned into a diploma - so I received a fantastic qualification. A space became available in the marketing department at Twin and I was offered a permanent position as a junior web designer / marketing assistant. I was obviously very happy! Being part of Twin has shown me that hard work really does pay off.

Twin is currently rebranding many of its businesses and I'm proud to be playing a huge part in in this. The apprenticeship has resulted in a full-time job, where I'm paid to do what I'm passionate about.

Overall, I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship with Twin. Many of my friends have gone down the same road and in this tough climate; it really makes you stand out from the crowd. After all, I'm walking proof that an apprenticeship has the power to open the door to your future...


Are you interested in becoming an apprentice? Twin are holding an Apprenticeship Open Day in London on Friday 31st May, 12 - 5pm. For more information please contact James on: 0208 297 3256