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My apprenticeship is helping me get to where I want to be


My apprenticeship is helping me get to where I want to be

Luke, 19, is an apprentice with Twin Group. Before he secured the apprenticeship with Twin, Luke found it difficult to convince employers to hire him because of this lack of experience.

Luke said of his experience job-hunting: "Before I started the apprenticeship with Twin I was looking for a job but it was hard to get where I wanted to be as lots of employers wouldn't even give me an interview thanks to my age and lack of experience.

"I found out about the apprenticeship by going through one of Twins work programmes that they offer to people that are unemployed to help them get a job/apprenticeship. 

"I decided to take the apprenticeship as I thought it would let me get a foot in the door and gain the right amount of experience as well as the qualifications I need.

"During my training I have learnt how to deal with people face to face, over the phone and via email. I have to answer lots of queries every day from people who want information on what we offer or how we work.

"When I finish the apprenticeship, hopefully I can use the qualifications and skills that I have gained from to get a permanent job which suits my skills and qualifications. The skills training I am doing now will definitely make it easier for employers to notice my CV when I'm applying for jobs in future."

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