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Don’t feel left behind if you’re over 50 and looking to retrain

Being over 50 needn't stop anyone getting work or education. find out about your options here.


What are the options for over 50s looking for education, experience or employment?

It’s understandable how many people over 50 can feel that it’s ‘too late’ to enter a new career. They might feel that it will be too difficult, that their age will be held against them, or even that they won’t get a chance compared to younger competition.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, for example, more adults over 50 are entering education than ever before– age is simply no barrier to improving yourself, getting trained up and moving back into work.

Let’s break down a few options for over 50s

Education -  This is a perfect option for those who feel that they are missing the skills required to get the work they want. Going back to education provides a structured form of progression where you can see regular results on your way to earning a qualification. There are many funded courses and training courses for over 50s which can see you on your way to a brand new career.

Traineeships - If you are struggling to find work, have been turned down for an apprenticeship or know that you need to boost your employability skills, a traineeship could be your best option. Traineeships involve carrying out work experience with a reputable employer who will help teach you the skills to take your career forwards. You won’t be paid for a traineeship, but it will be completely free, and some employers may offer to pay for your food/travel expenses. Sometimes a traineeship can lead directly to employment.

Apprenticeships - There are some careers where taking an apprenticeship can be more beneficial to studying or working alone. Becoming an apprentice provides you with the opportunity to gain first-hand work experience in your chosen industry while studying for one or two days per week to gain a recognised qualification.  

Work experience –Taking work experience remains one of the best ways to get your foot on the ladder, no matter what age you are. At Twin we work with hundreds of partner businesses throughout London, so we can arrange quality internship placements in a diverse range of sectors. A temporary placement will help to boost your employability and improve your work skills. If you’re over 50 with no degree or formal education this can really be a way to get ahead.


How can we help?

With our new Over 50s Fast-Track programme, especially for residents in the London boroughs of Bexley and Mitcham, we can help over 50s who are looking to get back into education, work experience, traineeships, apprenticeships and employment.  

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