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Putting photos on CVs is 'unnecessary'


Putting photos on CVs is 'unnecessary'

That is according to Dan Hawes, co-founder of the Graduate Recruitment Bureau, who said: "We don't need photographs on CVs."

The expert also recommended that applicants keep their documents professional looking rather than employing creative fonts and other tools to make them stand out.

Mr Hawes also discussed other mistakes people make with their CV, with a common one being that they are too short.

"[We have seen] CVs that are too brief, one page or even half a page, just talking about education for example. It doesn't say anything about the individual," the expert went on to say.

Peter Panayotou, founder and senior consultant at the Write Stuff, said those looking to find work in London must be able to back up any claims they make in a CV when it comes to the interview stage.