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Recruitment firms key to providing skilled sales professionals


Recruitment firms key to providing skilled sales professionals

REC Sales & Retail, the specialist REC sector group for recruitment firms operating within the sales and retail industries, has produced a research profile on the changing nature of today's sales professional.

The report also found that modern salespeople need more skills than in previous years to succeed.

Commenting on the paper, Antony Wroe, Chair of REC Sales & Retail and principal author of the paper, said: "With the global market place becoming ever more competitive and with customers becoming increasingly savvy over their buying decisions, today's sales personnel must have considerable skills and expertise to fulfil the job title of 'sales professional'."
He added: "We thought the time was right to produce an overview of why the image of a sales person has changed to that of a sales professional. The paper outlines the shifting perception of sales staff, the skills required to be a successful sales professional and, finally, how recruitment firms are an essential partner to sourcing the right person for increasingly demanding sales positions."

The Changing Nature of the Modern Sales Professional is available to download from the REC Sales & Retail micro-site: