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Twin's success story: Rosa

Discover how we've helped people gain employability skills and confidence, ensuring they could move towards, or find, employment


Twin Employment and ESFA

As part of our Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and European Social Fund (ESF) partnership we are able to help individuals who are looking for employment but need further assistance to improve their English and employability skills.

We aim to support learners with pre-entry level English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and Employability skills, in order for them to become more confident and able to move towards or into employment.

Case study: Rosa Karina Bailon Ocampo

Rosa Karina Bailon Ocampo came to Twin because she lacked confidence in her English skills, which caused her to struggle with daily life and completing mundane tasks, such as making an appointment with her GP. Due to her home and work environment, Rosa spoke Spanish and didn’t have the chance to practise speaking English.

Actions taken

To help Rosa, we enrolled her on our ESOL Entry Level 1 course, where she carried out a diagnostic test and received an individual learning plan, which detailed how to help improve her language skills, specifically her speaking. Rosa was also enrolled on our Employability course, to help her gain the skills she needs to secure employment.

Success story

As a result of the support provided, Rosa displayed a marked improvement and became more confident with her speaking skills in a short period of time. She participates thoroughly in class and even adopts a leadership role in the class with newer students.

Rosa’s future plans are to complete her ESOL Entry Level 1 course and her Employability course, and then she plans to pursue an ESOL Entry Level 2 course to help her improve her English further. This will all help her to successfully secure full-time employment.


If you want to get involved with any of our employment programmes, or if you want some help and support finding a job that is right for you, check out our Twin Employment and Training website and contact our team today.