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The new UK Turing scheme has taken off!

The new fully-funded Turing Scheme does everything that Erasmus did and more!


The new UK Turing scheme is taking off!

Think now that Brexit’s actually happened, you have less opportunity to get international work experience? We're happy to tell you…it’s not actually true! The new fully-funded Turing Scheme does everything that Erasmus did and more!


What is the difference between Erasmus+ and Turing?

Uhm… the name? Okay, there are actually a few differences – but none that have any impact on the opportunity it affords you to do a fully-funded internship abroad.

So, if you really must know what the differences are:

  • The UK government funds the Turing Scheme, whereas Erasmus+ is funded by the EU.
  • It’s global – Erasmus+ is mainly focussed on improving mobility within the EU, whereas the Turing Scheme is more global, with over 150 countries participating. We still only organise internships to the EU – but watch this space – now that we can, we just might expand our offer.

Other than that, it functions pretty much the same, and you can expect the same life-changing work experiences and international internships as what we offered for the Erasmus+ programme – you can read previous participant’s feedback here


Which work experience opportunity is right for you?

The great thing about applying to the Turing scheme with Twin is that we’ve been doing this for a while – we know our stuff, have a network of companies that offer brilliant opportunities, and we work hard to ensure you are happy with your internship placement.

Our Digital Marketing programme is designed to help you develop all the relevant skills necessary to pursue a career in marketing, from content writing to design skills. While most placements require some previous experience in marketing, social media management or a relevant qualification, we work hard to match the positions available with your skills and interests. It’s our responsibility to ensure your experience is both rewarding and educational.

If you’ve already applied for a couple of graduate positions, you might have noticed that Leadership and Management are some of the key skills top employers look for. Our Leadership and Management programme will help you develop transferable skills while gaining experience in both the Travel & Tourism, and Hospitality industries. The skills you’ll gain could be the foundations of a successful and fulfilling career in any industry, especially Tourism and Hospitality.

Has the travel bug bit really hard, and need a way to finance your habit? Teaching English as a Foreign Language may be for you. But don’t think it’s not a long-term career option too. With 436 English language schools listed in the UK – there’s plenty of opportunities if you want to come home too. Our TEFL internships in Spain are ideal for those who want to get into a teaching career. Or those who are just looking to see new and different parts of the world, meet new people and make a difference in students’ lives.

Where can you go?

Our internship locations, industries and opportunities haven’t changed. You get to choose where you want to go. Spain, Ireland or Portugal. This is your opportunity to live and work in your dream location whilst gaining work experience in your chosen industry. Don’t speak Spanish or Portuguese? Don’t let that stop you from applying to the Turing scheme because while some work experience placements may require some language skills, others don’t. And with in-country language courses included, you could gain confidence in Portuguese or Spanish, 2 of the top 7 most employable languages, according to Babbel. Soon be able to say: uma cerveja por favour in Lisbon. In Valencia and Seville, it’ll sound more like: una cerveza por favour and you probably don’t need language classes in Dublin to say may I please have a Guinness.



How does the Turing scheme improve your job prospects?

Imagine you’re a hiring manager looking at hundreds of CV's. Everyone has the same degree. But if yours also include ‘international work experience’ it will increase your chances of landing the job. Don’t just take our word for it – many of our interns have expressed how amazed they were by the increase in job offers after completing their internships. And, if you make a good impression at your placement, they might even offer you a full-time position. This placement could be the beginning of your international career!

If you’re lucky enough to be awarded a place on one of our internships, you will also be offered training for a recognised qualification in the field. That way, you can gain the skills you need to be successful during your Twin Internship experience and enhance your CV at the same time. The qualifications available are as follows:

  • Digital Marketing internship: NCFE Principles of Social Media within a Business
  • TEFL internship: Ascentis Level 3 Award in English for Literacy and Language Teaching
  • Leadership and Management internship: NCFE: Principles of Leadership and Management


Want to apply?

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