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Top 4 employer review sites (that you must check before you accept the job)

Make an informed decision about whether the job is right for you with these incredible review websites.


Making sure that the company that you’ve applied to work for is the right fit for you is very important. Not only do you have to be right for the company, the company also has to be right for you!

There are a number of ways you can decide whether the company’s culture and values are in alignment with your own, for example: on their website and social media, during the interview and also by looking at what other employees have to say about the company on these useful employer review websites!


  1. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is probably the most well-known company review website. Glassdoor incorporates an overview of many companies in the United Kingdom, company reviews that are left by employees, jobs that you can apply for, salary information, benefits (about working for the company), reviews written by employees and even some have photographs of company life.

The review section of Glassdoor includes an overall rating of the company, whether the reviewer would recommend it to a friend, whether they approve of the CEO, if the reviewer is a former or current employee, what their job title is and whereabouts in the country they work. It also details whether they are contract, full or part time, how long they’ve been working for the company, and pros and cons of working for the company.

  1. Indeed

The jobsite Indeed has a very helpful company review section, so when you are applying for your dream job, you can quickly check whether the company is right for you. In the company review section, you will find star rating information on: the work/life balance, the salary/benefits, the job security/advancement, the management, and the culture of the company.

There are also more detailed accounts that employees have left about the company as well as their job title, whether they are a current or former employee, the date they left the review, and the pros and cons of working at the business.

  1. The Job Crowd

The job website Job Crowd is very similar to Indeed and Glassdoor, because it has a section for company reviews as well as a job finding section. Additionally, Job Crowd also has a section dedicated to the Top Companies Ranking (specifically for graduates and apprenticeships).

You can find a more extensive star rating, than on any of the other review websites, which includes: responsibility, work/life balance, environmental awareness, compensation and benefits, company culture, career progression, colleagues, training, enjoyment and overall rating of the company. Job Crowd also has salary information, working hours, interview advice, and pros and cons of working for the company.

  1. Work Advisor

Work Advisor is a very easy to use website that has company overviews as well as company reviews, so that you can decide whether the company is the right choice for you. The company review consists of an overall rating, the date the review was published, whether they are a current or former employee, and also has a list of questions that the reviewers have answered.

The questions include: would you say your company is a sociable place to be, how motivated are you to deliver the company’s objectives, does your company support your career development, how would you rate your job security, would you recommend your place of work to a friend or potential job seeker and the salary.


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