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Top 4 salary review websites

If your salary is one of the most important part of your role, you need to check out these salary review websites!


A study carried out by Glassdoor found that 35% of employees said the main reason they left their previous job was because of the low salary they received. There are many reasons why you may leave one job and accept another; however the main ones that you might consider a job are for the: salary, training, progression opportunities, and company benefits.

If a driving factor for your job search is how much salary you receive then you must check out these salary websites:

  1. Hudson’s UK Salary Checker

Hudson UK Salary Checker allows you to see the minimum and maximum salary you can expect from different companies in different geographical locations across the UK. This useful website can give you quick estimates of how much you can earn in a particular role.



  1. Monster

The job searching website Monster provides a very useful salary calculator tool, which allows you to type in your profession, location and region to determine your salary in a specific region in the UK. This tool provides you with details of minimum salary, maximum salary and also the median salary.



  1. Payscale

Payscale provides insightful details about the salary you can expect, as well as a few other features, such as the bonus you could expect. It also gives you the option to receive a full salary report for free.




  1. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a very useful website, because it has all of your job requirements in one place; it has jobs that you can apply to, company reviews, interview questions and also salaries that you can expect in a specific area for a specific role.




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