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Twin launches inaugural apprentice competition


Twin launches inaugural apprentice competition

Inspired by the National Apprenticeship Awards 2012, Twin created their own regional version of the competition to highlight the positive benefits that apprentices sourced and trained by the company are bringing to South London businesses.

The first finalist is James Markey, a 19 year old general apprentice with Bang & Olufsen in Canary Wharf.

The second finalist is Richard Breach-Green, a 19 year old general maintenance apprentice with Morrisons Utility Services.

Last (but very much not least!) of the finalists is Stevie Capper, an 18 year old business administration apprentice with clothing store Street Vibes.

All three apprentices have been nominated by their trainers at Twin in recognition of the success they have had with their respective employers.

The winner of the Twin Employment & Training Apprentice of the Year 2012 award will be announced on the 27th of November.