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Twin outperform national average on Work Programme


Twin outperform national average on Work Programme

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has published a set of data showing how prime and sub-contractors on the Work Programme performed in the first 12 months of WP operation, from June 2011 - July 2012.

The success of organisations delivering the Work Programme to long-term jobseekers is judged on the percentage of clients referred to them that stayed in continuous employment for a minimum of six months.

According to the figures released by the DWP, the national average percentage of jobseekers referred to the Work Programme who sustained continuous employment for six months was 3.5.

Twin significantly outperformed this figure for the areas it operated sub-contractor services in; achieving a success percentage of 4.04, 4.47 and 5.60 in Work Programme schemes led by A4E, Reed and CDG respectively.

Beth O'Shea, Managing Director of Twin Employment & Training, welcomed the figures, saying: "I am absolutely delighted that Twin have achieved these success rates for our Work Programme delivery contracts.

"All of our Work Programme services significantly outperformed the national average of 3.5%.

"This success rate is down to our innovative end-to-end delivery model making use of specialist supply chain organisations.  Our background in English language tuition also helped our placement success rate by allowing us to help customers who needed to improve their grasp of English in order to secure employment."

Ms O'Shea added: "The fact that we saw success rates above the national average in different contract areas also shows that our flexible model can be transferred to any part of the country."