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Work experience for young people can help rebuilding process after UK riots


Work experience for young people can help rebuilding process after UK riots

Paul Buchanan, community impact director at Business in the Community, made the claim in an article for the Guardian's website yesterday.

Mr Buchanan said in the article: "It is clear that young people across the UK desperately need hope, aspiration and opportunity. The mindless violence displayed and replicated in town after town stood out not just for its brutality, but also for the apparent disregard to the consequences in the minds of those taking part - many of the young people made no attempt to cover their faces as they looted. We are dealing with a generation of young people with scant regard for their futures.

"We must continue to enlist the support of business leaders to ensure that they remain at the heart of our efforts to collaborate, strengthen relationships, break down barriers and improve quality of life for people. Business must continue to play a role in helping the development of cohesive communities by harnessing and nurturing the untapped talent and skills of people, including those from disadvantaged groups."

Mr Buchanan went on to say: "There are a number of practical steps that business can take including offering effective work experience and work placements, recruiting apprentices and creating opportunities for them, and providing role models from all walks of life. Our experience is that employees as mentors can transform young people's aspirations and help to radically reposition their preconceptions about the world of work and their future prospects.

"Local engagement will be key in the coming weeks and months as communities attempt to heal and reconstruct. Our work over the past 30 years has time and again reinforced the importance of committed business leaders and their teams working on the ground to unlock effective community engagement, build vibrant healthy communities, and boost employment opportunities over the long term."

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