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Work Programme participants prefer support from a distance


Work Programme participants prefer support from a distance

The survey carried out by Renovo Employment Group found that 88% of people surveyed would find telephone and Internet support services more convenient than face-to-face meetings.

These findings challenge the current conventional methods of delivery, whereby individuals would usually be expected to attend face-to-face meetings with their employment advisors, fitting appointments around work and childcare commitments.

Replies to the survey indicated that a distance-based service would remove the stigma of having to continue with face-to-face meetings.

Other results from the survey show that 85% of jobseekers possess a mobile phone, 80% have access to email and Internet and 69% utilise social networking sites of which 71% had a Facebook account.

Dee Waddington, Programme Manager (Welfare to Work) commented: "Having formerly managed the delivery of face to face interventions on a variety of welfare to work programmes, I am very excited about the freedom this brings to customers, they can access our support, anytime, anywhere. This is the first programme that demands long term job sustainability and the survey confirms Renovo's belief that support to achieve this can be provided in multiple geographies whilst keeping the 'personal touch'"

David Twiddle, CEO, Renovo Employment Group added:

"I think that the survey reveals two key results: firstly, that levels of email and internet usage amongst this customer group is higher than the industry assumes and secondly, that customers, whilst keen to receive support once in work, are keen to do so on a discreet basis without their new colleagues being aware that they are part of some 'programme'."