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Assessing your needs

We can identify employment gaps and help you fill them with trained candidates thanks to our free recruitment service

An Organisational Training Needs Analysis (OTNA) to help make your business run more efficiently

Organisational Training Needs Analysis – a free recruitment solution

If you need to recruit new members of staff or you need help determining the roles that you have available, we will carry out a complimentary Organisational Training Needs Analysis (OTNA). The OTNA involves an Employer Relationship Manager identifying your organisation’s recruitment needs, assisting you to address these needs and implement a cost effective recruitment process.

The Organisational Training Needs Analysis (OTNA) covers:

  • Recruitment solutions
  • Skills Gap Analysis
  • Workforce Development

We offer employment training to jobseekers, enabling us to provide candidates for your existing roles at no cost to you the employer. Our optional aftercare service will monitor the progress of your new recruits and provide help and support to both employee and employer.

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