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FAQs for employers

See some of our most frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions?


How much do your training programmes cost?

In the majority of cases, funding for the training offered by Twin comes from the government, so no cost is passed on to the employer. Where more bespoke training solutions are required, we will negotiate a fee that reflects your organisation’s needs.


Who are the candidates you place in companies?

We work with highly motivated jobseekers and give them the skills that they need to be successful in the workplace. We have hundreds of suitable candidates ready to start work as soon as you need them.

Can I employ people on a short term basis?

Twin’s placement scheme allows employers to take on staff to cover temporary projects or on a trial period to see if the staff member is suitable for the position. Organisations do not have to submit any paperwork for employees on trial until they have decided to offer them a permanent position.

Why should I train my staff?

We can work with you to look at your business objectives and train candidates from your organisation to meet these goals. Our training programmes will introduce accredited qualifications to your workforce, reducing staff turnover rates and removing the need to recruit new people for more skilled positions.

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Which industries do you cover?

We place candidates in a wide variety of sectors including retail, customer service, admin/secretarial, construction, hospitality, cleaning and security. If you need skilled employees, we can help.

What kind of training do you offer?

We offer a variety of different training options to suit the needs of the individual and the organisation they will be joining. These could range from help with basic numeracy and English literacy skills to National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) courses.

How can I speak to one of your consultants?

You can contact our Employer Services Team on 0208 269 2910.


Where do you operate?

Twin Employment & Training uses a national network of 70 partners to provide education and employment services across the UK. Our services are available from Penzance in the Southwest of England all the way up to Perth in the North of Scotland.