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Training Needs Analysis

If you have any training gaps in your business we can assist you by identifying areas which can be improved and advising you how to do this

A Training Needs Analysis to help improve business performance

We can offer you a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to identify the needs of your employees and business. This will help you identify any areas where training is required and includes:

  • Identifying the training needs at employee, departmental or organisational level
  • Ensuring that training addresses existing problems
  • Tailoring training recommendations to organisational objectives
  • Identifying effective and cost-efficient delivery methods
  • Monitoring current performance using techniques such as observation, interviews and questionnaires
  • Anticipating future shortfalls or problems
  • Identifying the type and level of training required and analyse how this can best be provided

We want to help you to recognise the needs of the organisation and will provide suitable solutions that will have a positive impact on your business performance. The TNA will help your employees adapt to changes more quickly, as they will be more equipped to cope thanks to forward planning and clear processes. As well as supporting your business as a whole, we will also be there to help any trainees in your business achieve their own goals for their own personal success within your company.

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