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Warehousing and Storage

Get qualified for job roles that are actively being recruited for in a growing industry

Level 2 Certificate in the Principles of Warehousing and Storage

In recent times we've heard a lot about supply chains of various products, and how panic buying has influenced it. Warehousing and storage is an essential part of logistics and supply chain planning.
With numerous companies actively recruiting in this industry, now is the perfect time to get qualified. 


Luckily, our Level 2 Certificate in Warehousing and Storage is widely recognised by employers. It has been designed by industry experts to give you the knowledge and skills you need to impress future employers and launch a long-term career in an industry that keeps growing.  

Average Duration
6-12 weeks

£724 (full funding may be available)

Age requirement

Course Description

This course consists of five mandatory units and will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills required for a variety of job roles in the warehousing and storage industry. You will know the 6 rights associated with logistics and understand how to implement them in the different types of warehouses. From receiving goods to storing, dispatching and everything in-between - you will understand the entire operation and also learn about all the health and safety risks involved throughout the warehousing and storing process.

All that is required is 135 hours of self-led study time – at a pace that is right for you.

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How it works

All of our students will receive a registration code that will give you access to our online learning platform. Here you can access your course materials, lessons and resources. All assignments can be completed in your own time, and highly-qualified industry specialists will assess them.  

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Course Content

The course comprises the following:

Mandatory Units

Unit 1: Introduction to warehousing and storage

  • Understand the warehousing and storage industry
  • Understand the functions and benefits of warehousing

Unit 2: Understand how to receive and store goods

  • Understand how to receive goods
  • Understand how to store goods
  • Understand health and safety requirements when receiving and storing goods

Unit 3: Understand how to process orders and prepare them for dispatch

  • Understand how to process orders for dispatch
  • Understand how to package goods for dispatch
  • Understand health and safety requirements when processing orders and dispatching goods

Unit 4: Understand how to check stock and update records

  • Understand the purpose of a stock check
  • Understand how stock levels are checked and records updated
  • Understand health and safety requirements when checking stock

Unit 5: Customer service in warehousing and storage

  • Understand the importance of meeting customer needs
  • Understand positive communication skills in customer service
  • Understand the importance of working effectively in a team

Your career progression

This course is the perfect starting point to further your career. You can build on your new skills with additional specialist qualifications:

  • Level 3 Award in Warehousing
  • Level 3 Diploma in Warehousing and Storage
  • Level 3 Diploma in Management Skills and Knowledge 

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