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Careers Beyond Covid

If you're looking for work in this difficult time, get the specialised help and support you need, for free.


We know it can be difficult to be a young person looking for work, especially right now. The “Careers Beyond Covid” programme is designed to support you in all aspects of getting into the workplace. Whether you are looking to be employed for the first time, or are attempting to get back into the workplace after a few years out, this free assistance might be exactly what you need. 

What we offer you:

Tailored support to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals. Our specialist team will help you through the entire process, from searching for, applying for and settling into the new role.

We have a network of employers and organisations who are ready to offer direct interviews, work experience, and ongoing work opportunities.  

We can help with:

  • Careers guidance
  • Building your confidence
  • Application forms and CV writing training
  • Mentoring through 1-to-1 sessions with your advisor – either on the phone, online, or in person
  • Courses and Workshops
  • Free access to qualifications and CPD


  • Links with our employers
  • Finding and applying for roles
  • Guaranteed interviews with real organisations
  • Work experience and apprenticeship opportunities

We can also help with Mental health and Well-being support as needed.



  • 16-30 years old
  • Live in the Coast to Capital region: see map below
  • Unemployed

Feel like this opportunity is just what you need? 

Let us know you're interested so we can get in touch with you about the programme by clicking here, email us at or call us at 07566 781066.