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Jobs and Skills for Londoners

A funded AEB programme to help young people upskill and find employment

Jobs and Skills for Londoners

Supported by the Mayor of London

Are you are 19 or older, living in London and looking for a job?


It can be challenging to find a new job or move up in your current role if you feel underqualified, but there is support available.  

Funded by the Adult Education Budget (AEB), the Jobs and Skills for Londoners programme offers you the chance to boost your employability for free with English language support and help in finding and entering a job role or finding better work.  

The programme has a specific focus on upskilling for industries of particular importance right now, including digital and environmental.  

Free courses and support include: 

  • ESOL – Entry Levels 1-3
  • ESOL - Level 1
  • Digital and IT Skills
  • Cyber Security
  • Environmental Awareness and Climate Change
  • CV and employability training
  • Workplace skills

Why Twin?

Our decades of employability training experience combined with our caring and supportive staff help you get the training, qualifications and opportunities you need for the next step in your work journey.  

Our employment coaches deliver tailored support combined with skills development to ensure every candidate gets what they need out of the programme and help reduce barriers to employment for residents in the Greater London Area. 



  • Aged 19+ 
  • Be a resident within the Greater London Area
  • Be seeking employment/currently underemployed  
  • No existing higher level qualification in the subject you want to study

If you meet these eligibility requirements and are interested in moving towards a career, fill out the form on this page.