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Maths Functional Skills

Get the most out of your money, work and everyday life by improving your skills in mathematics

Improve your skills in handling personal finances!

Maths is a skill that's used by just about everyone, no matter the life or job they have, including managing your money. If you live in Merton and feel like your skills in maths and personal finances could be better, we are delivering a course that will solidify your functional skills in maths. 

What we offer you:

6 hours a week of flexible in-person lessons in money management and maths skills for 6 weeks, to ensure you are fully prepared to pass your assessment and receive your new qualification.

Finish with two qualifications: a Level 1 Money Management qualification and an Entry Level 3 Mathematics Functional Skillsand a guaranteed job interview!

Lessons will take place in the Vestry Hall (Cricket Green, 336 – 338 London Road, Mitcham, CR4 3UD)

Functional skills covered:

  • Understanding personal finance
  • Using numbers and the number system
  • Using common measures, shape and space
  • Handling data and statistics

Learning aims and outcomes:

  • You will learn about different personal finance products, and how to compare, choose, and understand the risks and benefits for you.
  • You will become confident in the use of fundamental mathematical application, skills and problem solving.
  • You will be able to demonstrate an understanding by applying knowledge and skills to solve entry-level mathematical problems.


  • 19+ years old
  • Live in Merton
  • Unemployed

Feel like this opportunity is just what you need? 

Email us or call us at 07590985123 or 07713161581.