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Skills Bootcamp

This Skills Bootcamp in Cybersecurity will help upskill you for this new digital world

This Programme has now ended. 

Whether you are unemployed and looking for a new role, or a business looking to upskill some of your employees, this is the perfect opportunity. Our Skills Bootcamp in Cybersecurity prepares you for this exciting new sector with a Level 3 NCFE qualification.

What do you get from us?

  • Flexible course lasting 12-16 weeks
  • Digital course with an online portal
  • Easily managed part time with two hrs/day, totalling ten hrs/week.
  • Practice labs to gain hands on training and experience
  • NCFE security examinations and qualifications

And for unemployed candidates:

  • Interview practice for potential job openings
  • A guaranteed interview for roles in the cybersecurity field



This course ends with a Level 3 NCFE cybersecurity accreditation, and participants will receive a security+ certification to indicate their new status as a qualified cyber threat analyst. This course gives candidates the skills and knowledge to analyse and respond to data security incidents, address vulnerabilities and suggest preventative measures. This certification is a great launching point for a career in cybersecurity and indicates to prospective or current employers that you’re ready to move into a first-line support role.

In order to be eligible for this course you must be living in one of the following regions:

  • West Midlands
  • South East England
  • London
  • East England
  • East Midlands


If you are unemployed, this course and qualification is fully covered by your local government. If you are an employer, looking to upskill an employee, you will need to cover a small percentage of the cost depending on the size of your business.