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Fully-funded Turing Internship Programme

3 month Turing Internship in a beautiful international setting, fully-funded by the UK Government

Fully-funded Turing Internship Programme

Farewell Erasmus+, hello Turing Scheme!

After the UK left the European Union, many things were uncertain - not least of which would be your ability to participate in the Erasmus+ programme. Alas - we have to admit that that ship has sailed.

Fortunately our experience with Erasmus+ is not wasted, the British Government have established the Turing Scheme, with the same aim of encouraging work experience and travel. The Turing Scheme provides you with similar life-enhancing, career-expanding opportunities as Erasmus+, allowing us to take you on life-changing work experience journeys.  

With the Turing Scheme:
- You still get to travel.
- You still get to meet new people.
- You still get to experience different cultures and have a change of scenery for a while.
- And then there's the coup de grâce! International work experience to make your CV stand out from the crowd.

So why not apply?

A very rewarding experience. And I have accepted a permanent position at my host company!

Past Erasmus+ Digital Marketing Intern

It's funded

The Turing Scheme is a UK-wide programme that provides funding for international placements across the world. We've been successfully delivering the Erasmus+ programme for three years, and we will continue to provide the same high-quality internships and experiences for the Turing Scheme.   

This means you still get: 

  • a 10, 12 or 13-week work placement
  • return flights
  • accommodation
  • €100 weekly living allowance 
  • fully comprehensive Health and Travel insurance
  • a travel card*
  • an in-country language course (Spain, France and Portugal only)
  • awards contributing to a  relevant Level 3 qualification*, and 
  • support and mentoring throughout your placement

Not only do you get all of that, but you also have the opportunity to develop your skills, boost your confidence levels, and improve your employability prospects. Of course, travelling and discovering new places, cultures and foods are just a bonus.

Now that is a pretty sweet deal!


Apply now


We offered you great locations if you wanted to do an Erasmus+ internship - and that hasn't changed for the Turing Scheme! You still get to choose between cities with diverse cultures, fascinating history and booming industries. Plus, with in-country language courses included for Portugal, Spain, and Italy, you'll not only hone your craft but also learn a new language.

Check them out:


We work with a network of companies in each location that specialise in a wide range of industries. No matter which career you want to pursue, we are making sure you will get invaluable experience. For all placements, we require previous experience or a qualification in the chosen sector. Whilst participants will work within a team, supervised by a company mentor, and it is essential that a host company can see that you already have some skills to offer them from your application.

Take a look at the industries and roles we have available to you:

When can you go? 

Our 2023 Turing Scheme cohorts will depart in January, April, May and June 2023 .

In April and May 2023 we will be sending to Dublin, Valencia, Seville, Lisbon, Malta, Bordeaux, Marseille, Cyprus and Thailand in Digital Marketing, English Teaching (TEFL), Hospitality and Business Administration.

Departure and return dates of our April, May and June programmes are as follows:

  • Lisbon: Sunday 2nd April - Saturday 10th June, 10 Weeks
  • Seville & Valencia: Sunday 16th April - Saturday 8th July, 12 Weeks
  • Dublin: Sunday 23rd April - Saturday 22nd July, 13 Weeks
  • Bordeaux & Marseille: Sunday 23rd April - Saturday 15th July, 12 Weeks
  • Malta: Sunday 21st May - Saturday 13th August, 12 Weeks
  • Cyprus: Sunday 21st May - Saturday 19th August, 13 Weeks
  • Thailand: Sunday 21st May - Saturday 19th August, 13 Weeks
  • Lisbon: Sunday 18th June - Saturday 26th August


We process applications on a first-come, first-serve basis, and if your application is successful, we will help you start preparing for your placement.


If you have any questions, you can read our FAQs, download the Programme Handbook or contact us either by message or by calling us at 020 8269 5690.


Apply now


You don't have to be a graduate to join the Turing Scheme because if you can show experience or any relevant qualification in either of the sectors available – you're eligible.

But, before rushing to apply to this life-changing opportunity, check if you are eligible:

  • You are aged 18+ on departure.
  • You have a permanent UK address and UK work rights.
  • You are not a national citizen of the destination country.
  • You have a valid UK (or EU) passport with more than six months validity after your return date.
  • You can commit to the entire programme duration, 84 days/12 weeks (90 days/13 weeks in Dublin)
  • You are educated to GCSE level and have a minimum of 5 GCSEs
  • If you are still at uni and looking for a year in industry placement, you are not eligible
  • You have previous experience or qualifications in Digital Marketing, Hospitality, Business Administration or TESOL/TEFL.

As a recent university graduate, who finished their studies during Covid, it has been incredibly difficult to find a job. The Erasmus+ programme was the safety net I needed during these times and I believe it will only benefit me in the future.

Digital Marketing Intern 2020

*The SMALL print

The Turing Scheme is a UK Government-funded programme and specifically designed to help you gain valuable work experience, which is why almost all costs are covered.

But, some things are not included, such as travel to and from the airport, and while your accommodation is covered and you get a weekly living allowance of 100€ if you overspend on food and excursions, you might need to dip into your savings.  

Speaking of budgets, when you plan yours, please note that travel cards are only included for Dublin participants. 

Credits you could gain toward the Level 3 Qualifications* we provide with the Turing Scheme funding are for:
Level 3 Certificate relevant to Leadership and Management
Level 3 Certificate relevant to Digital Marketing
Level 3 Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

*Note that the course you do lasts for one week and is one unit out of 4-6 units of the full Level 3 qualification.

Are you ready?

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Limited spaces available.