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Why intern in Bangkok

Why do a Turing Scheme funded internship in Bangkok

Why intern in Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, with over 15% of the country’s population calling it home. A popular destination for people of all backgrounds and nationalities, Bangkok is a real melting pot of a city with a fascinating mixture of history and extremely modern architecture and culture. As Bangkok is a very large city (about as big as London), internships will be in both the city centre and more suburban locations. 

English is very widely spoken by Bangkok residents, and the Thai people have a reputation for being some of the kindest and most welcoming in the world so there is no need to be concerned about how the settling in process will go.


Industries available for a Twin Turing Scheme internship

Our Turing Scheme placements in Bangkok are for TEFL: Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Bangkok is a hugely multicultural place with a large variety of languages spoken. TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is an ideal internship option for those interested in education and language. The skills you will gain as a TEFL intern will assist you with any teaching or education based role you have in the future.



What to do while you’re there

Bangkok has some world-class landmarks and activities. The Grand Palace and Buddhist temples across the city are a great look at the city's past, and beautiful green spaces give the chance to see exotic wildlife such as monitor lizards, and for those more interested in shopping, the city has a wide choice of megamalls and markets. 

Bangkok truly feels alive with festivals and walking down any street feels like an adventure, where you could encounter street food vendors, art exhibitions and religious and social gatherings on any corner.

While Bangkok is an enormous sprawling city, much of it remains very accessible with the public Skytrain and Underground services. Taxis are inexpensive for those looking to go further afield, and for those looking for a more local experience there are other transport options available, from public buses and canal boats to motorbike taxis and tuk-tuk auto rickshaws. So those in suburban placements need not worry, the city's very easy to travel through.


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