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Why intern in Bordeaux

Why do a Turing Scheme funded internship in Bordeaux

Why intern in Bordeaux

Split in half by the Garonne River, Bordeaux is a port city located in the heart of French wine country. The sixth largest city in France and capital of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of the country, Bordeaux is an enormously popular destination for both domestic and international travellers.

Bordeaux contrasts a stunning cultural history dating back to before the Roman occupation with unparalleled modern academia and engineering. A Turing Scheme internship in Bordeaux offers the chance to kick-start a career in one of a variety of fascinating industries. There is a robust aerospace sector as well as one of the world’s largest lasers. This is in addition to the thriving freight and tourism industries.

Becoming an intern in Bordeaux provides an ideal opportunity to learn French, which is not only an official language of 29 countries, but is widely spoken all over the world. Speaking French would make for an excellent advantage to your career prospects, no matter the sector you are aiming for.

Industries available for a Twin Turing Scheme internship

Turing Scheme placements are available in a variety of industries and roles. In Bordeaux we offer placements in Travel & Tourism, Digital Marketing, Hospitality and Business Admin. 

Digital Marketing placements are all about working with modern marketing platforms like social media. More and more these are dominating the marketing landscape, and if you're interested in a future in this growing industry, this placement will set you in a great position. 

Southwestern France is an iconic destination and demand for Hospitality is high. An internship in this sector will be sure to give you experience in a wide variety of skills and roles in the industry. 

Bordeaux may have historically relied on tourism, wine and freight as its main industries, but these days there's a much more diverse range, and Business Administration interns are in high demand.   

Our Tourism & Travel placements are all about the holiday experience, offering the chance to help with tour providers and leisure activity coordinators. 

What to do while you’re there

The Bordeaux region has the largest space of vineyards in France, and as well as visiting beautiful châteaux and vineyards; the city offers the Cite du Vin, an impressive wine museum and exhibition space. In addition to the renowned wine, Bordeaux is a world-famous culinary destination. With more than 20 Michelin Star restaurants, this city knows their food.

Following Paris, Bordeaux is the French city with the second highest number of listed monuments in the country. From Gothic and Romanesque cathedrals and towers to a wide range of parks and the longest shopping strip in Europe, there are so many places to spend time and hang out in the city and surrounding areas. Practise your French at a local café, visit the library or museum or take a day trip to a nearby chateau.


Departure and return dates of our Bordeaux programmes are as follows:

Sunday 23rd April - Saturday 15th July, 12 Weeks


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